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Oregon Ducks football recruiting: 2017 a priority class

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Oregon Ducks turn their attention to the 2017 recruiting class, which will be very vital to regain recruiting momentum. A lot of other Pac-12 programs are cutting into Oregon's recruiting hold and severely hampered their efforts the last few seasons.

Five Immediate Offers for '17 [Justin Hopkins, Duck Territory]: "If Oregon put me in charge for the day (Huge mistake) these are the five 2017 offers I'd make immediately."

Looking Ahead: 2017 CB [Scott Reed, Duck Sports Authority]: "Duck Sports Authority takes a look further ahead to the recruiting needs at corner back for the class of 2017."

Five 'Quacks' for '17 [Justin Hopkins, Duck Territory]: "Five names Oregon has a great shot to land in the 2017 class. Could an impressive haul be on the horizon?"

Top 5 for '17 - Offense [Justin Hopkins, Duck Territory]: "If Mark Helfrich wants to make a splash for 2017, these top five names are the ones he must sign on offense."

Top 5 Must-Gets in '17 - Defense [Justin Hopkins, Duck Territory]: "The top five recruits on defense Mark Helfrich and staff 'must get' in this 2017 class."