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USC target Isaac Taylor-Stuart the fastest player at The Opening

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Trojan Helmet

The USC Trojans are trying to land the top West Coast player at each position. Another such player is cornerback Isaac Taylor-Stuart out of San Diego. USC made his top 16, but Taylor-Stuart is also being courted by tons of major programs, including Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska and Alabama.

Taylor-Stuart is performing extremely well at The Opening, winning an award for his speed.

Taylor-Stuart also showed off what football coaches really prize, his impressive coverage ability.

The Opening's fastest man: "USC has called Isaac Taylor-Stuart their No. 1 cornerback target in the 2018 class, and at 6-foot-2, 193-pounds, his 4.32 40-yard-dash partly answers why." [USC Trojans Football, Basketball, and Recruiting Front Page]

Taylor-Stuart showcased his elite speed constantly.

Taylor-Stuart has a top 16 that includes LSU, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Michigan, Florida State, Washington, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Georgia, USC, Alabama, Texas A&M, Illinois, and Utah. The Trojans are in a good place, but his recruitment is far from over.