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Pac-12 Football Schedule: Watch Pac-12 Network On TV & Online, Week 12

This week's Pac-12 Network schedule features Arizona State versus Washington State and Cal vs. Oregon State. You can also watch Colorado vs. Washington on F/X, UCLA vs. USC on FOX, Stanford vs. Oregon on ABC, and Arizona vs. Utah on ESPNU.

Steve Dykes

Saturday TV schedule
All times Pacific

10:30 AM: Washington at Colorado, FX

Noon: Washington State at Arizona State, Pac-12 Network (all the networks). Here's the WSU vs ASU channel guide courtesy of for the regional markets.


5 PM: Stanford at Oregon, ABC (available online at watchESPN via select carriers)

7 PM: Arizona at Utah, ESPNU (available online at watchESPN via select carriers)

7:30 PM: Cal at Oregon State, Pac-12 Network (all the networks). Here's the Cal vs. Oregon State channel guide courtesy of for the regional markets.

Coverage on the Pac-12 Network is available online if you have a carrier that provides Pac-12 Everywhere services.

DirecTV, Verizon FiOs, AT&T U-Verse

Both DirecTV and the Pac-12 Network remain at an impasse, and there's no end in sight to the current disputes.


Dish is now carrying Pac-12 TV Everywhere, which means you can watch it in any form you like (TV, online, mobile). Only took over a month since the original deal! Not bad Dish.

Football games in high definition, as lined up by the Pac-12.

12 PM: Washington State at Arizona State, Pac-12 Network, Channel 413
7:30 PM: California at Oregon State, Pac-12 Network, Pac-12 Network, Channel 413

Astound, Bend, CC Communications, Cox, Dish, Hawaiian Telecom, Time Warner, Bright House, Canby Telcom, Crestview Cable, Frontier Communications, Rancho Murieta, Suddenlink, TCT West, Wave Broadband

All the above providers should be set up with your regional and national feeds along with your Pac-12 Anywhere services for either the Internet, or on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Here are the details for watching online:

If you subscribe to Bright House, Cox, or Time Warner Cable [or any of the providers just recently added], just visit and enter your user ID and password for your television provider or download the Pac-12 Now iPad app at the App Store.


Comcast causes all sorts of havoc with their arrangement by distributing the Pac-12 Network in certain out-of-region markets like Washington D.C. and Chicago.

For those who have a Comcast subscription to the Pac-12 Network, if you're in-market you get the regional TV channel in HD and a national channel in SD only. If you're out-of-market and do get the Pac-12 Network, you're stuck with the national channel only (in SD). The good news if you subscribe to the Pac-12 Network, you should have access to the current online feeds for all seven channels.

Here are the links to each channel, although you only really need the national channel for the broadcast.

Comcast still does not have TV Everywhere in place over two months after debuting with the rest of the original partners. Much of the original video programming on the Pac-12 site remains totally inaccessible to customers along with access via your mobile device.