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Watch Pac-12 Networks on TV & online: Oregon vs. Michigan State, USC vs. Stanford schedule info

All times Pacific.

Otto Greule Jr

Critical info for the early games on the Pac-12 Networks is available below.

TV schedule

Saturday, September 5


Fresno State at Utah, Pac-12 Networks (National, Mountain, Arizona)

Eastern Washington at Washington, Pac-12 Networks (Washington, Oregon)

Sacramento State at California, Pac-12 Networks (Bay Area, Los Angeles)

This weekend, Pac-12 Networks will have three football games sharing the same broadcast window and once again, AT&T U-verse and DISH will offer their customers additional channels to watch any of those three games on September 6. All Pac-12 Networks games will also be available to other providers through the Pac-12 Now TV Everywhere service.

In week 2, Pac-12 Networks will televise Fresno State at Utah, Eastern Washington at Washington and Sacramento State at Cal games at 12:00 p.m. PT. The Utah game will be carried on Pac-12 Mountain, Pac-12 Arizona and Pac-12 Network (national feed). The Washington game will be available on Pac-12 Washington and Pac-12 Oregon, while Cal-Sacramento State will be available on Pac-12 Bay Area and Pac-12 Los Angeles.

DISH will offer the UW-Eastern Washington game on channel 406.3 for Hoppers and 593 for non-Hoppers, while AT&T U-verse will have the UW game on channels 763 (SD) and 1763 (HD). For Cal-Sacramento State, DISH will offer the game on 406-02 on the Hopper and 592 for non-Hoppers. AT&T U-verse already makes Pac-12 Bay Area and Pac-12 Los Angeles available to all of their subscribers so they do not need an additional channel for the Cal game.
In addition, Comcast will make the Fresno State-Utah game available to all of their subscribers throughout Northern California on the Comcast Hometown Network, which is channel 102 in most areas.

All three games will also be available to all fans that authenticate via their video provider through the Pac-12 Now app or

12 PM: Colorado at UMass, (WatchESPN)

12:30 PM: USC at Stanford, ABC/ESPN Deportes

3:30 PM: Michigan State at Oregon, FOX/FOX Deportes

4 PM: Arizona State at New Mexico, CBS Sports

7 PM: Memphis at UCLA, Pac-12 Networks

7:30 PM: Oregon State at Hawaii, CBS Sports


DirecTV: Cold war reigns in the battle between the Pac-12 and the premier satellite carrier in getting them to agree to distribute the Pac-12 Networks. More from

DIRECTV is treating you unfairly. More than 60 TV providers carry Pac-12 Networks, and we’ve offered DIRECTV the same fair deal. But DIRECTV continues to ignore their customers and Pac-12 fans. They said "yes" to the SEC Network, Big Ten Network, and dozens of other sports networks and "no" to Pac-12 Networks. They have offered up many excuses, but the reality is that they are depriving so many customers of great content.

  • ESPN on DirecTV: 206
  • ESPNU on DirecTV: 208
  • ESPN2 on DirecTV: 209
  • FS1 on DirecTV: 219
  • CBS Sports on DirecTV: 221

DISH & U-Verse will provide additional channels for Week 1 and 2 games:

This Saturday two games - UC Davis at Stanford and Portland State at Oregon State - both kick off at 1 p.m. PT. UC Davis-Stanford will be seen on Pac-12 Network, Bay Area, Los Angeles, Arizona and Mountain, while Portland State-Oregon State will be seen on Pac-12 Oregon and Washington. For fans looking for the Beavers beyond those channels, the game will be on these additional channels:

Dish: 406.3 (Hoppers), 593 (non-Hoppers)
AT&T U-verse: 763, 1763

DISH channels

  • Pac-12 Networks on DISH: 406/409
  • ESPN on DISH: 140
  • ESPN2 on DISH: 144
  • Fox Sports 1 on DISH: 150
  • CBS Sports on DISH: 158


  • Pac-12 Networks on U-Verse: 759-61 (SD) 1759-61 (HD)*
  • ESPN on U-Verse: 602 (SD), 1602 (HD)
  • ESPN2 on U-Verse: 606 (SD), 1606 (HD)
  • Fox Sports 1 on U-Verse: 652 (SD), 1652 (HD)
  • CBS Sports on U-Verse: 643 (SD), 1643 (HD)

*U-Verse will carry

  • Pac-12 Network on channel 759 SD/1759 HD
  • Pac-12 Bay Area on channel 760 SD/1760 HD
  • Pac-12 Los Angeles on channel 761 SD/1761 HD

Here are the list of cable and satellite carriers that provide the Pac-12 Networks in some form or another.

Use the Pac-12 Channel Finder to find the channel in your area!

  • Time Warner Cable
  • DISH
  • Cox Communications
  • Bright House Networks
  • All West 
  • Astound
  • Bend Broadband
  • Cable America
  • Canby Telcom
  • CC Communications
  • CenturyLink Prism
  • Crestview Cable Communications
  • Frontier Communications
  • GCI 
  • Hawaiian Telecom
  • Horizon Cable TV
  • MTA Communications
  • MTCC 
  • Rancho Murieta
  • Suddenlink
  • Surewest CA
  • TCT West
  • Wave Broadband

Here are the details for watching online:

If you subscribe to Bright House, Cox, or Time Warner Cable [or any of the providers just recently added], just visit and enter your user ID and password for your television provider or download the Pac-12 Now iPad app at the App Store.


Comcast has decided to show the network in some markets outside the Pac-12 footprint, although it's still unclear as to which ones are being distributed regularly. DC and much of the East Coast I know will struggle to find the channel.

For those who have a Comcast subscription to the Pac-12 Network, if you're in-market you get the regional TV channel in HD and a national channel in SD only. If you're out-of-market, you're stuck with the national channel only (in SD). The good news if you subscribe to the Pac-12 Network, you should have access to the current online feeds for all seven channels via either Comcast's site or the Pac-12's. Here's the new announcement.

You've been able to watch Pac-12 Networks on and the XFINITY TV Go App since we first hit the airwaves, but now there's another way to watch along wherever you are. Starting today, you can access Pac-12 Networks' 850 live game broadcasts, studio shows, The Drive, and much more on the Web, tablet, and iOS or Android devices via our Pac-12 Now app.

If you would like to stick with the XFINITY feeds, here are the links to each channel.

Radio online streams: You can listen to all the games you like on TuneIn!