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Pac-12 Network, DirecTV Making No Progress

There is still no progress between the Pac-12 Network and DirecTV on reaching a deal for the satellite carrier to distribute the channel.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

The news is the same as always with regards to the situation between the Pac-12 Network and DirecTV.

The Pac-12 Network recently showed the Civil War that featured two top 15 teams that were both in the BCS race. They showed UCLA's stunning upset to Cal Poly last night, and have shown every team in the conference (including cash cow USC) on multiple occasions. Despite the clear interest, the so-called sports leader in satellite channels has held steady and firm.

DirecTV is being obstinate, and is hoping that demand for the conference will at some point go down. They believe that the longer they hold out, the sooner demand will dry out to watch the games, and they can bargain down the Pac-12 Network's asking price of 80-90 cents a subscriber (what the Pac-12 is asking for lines up almost down the spot with what the Big Ten Network has asked of its cable and satellite distributors).

Pac-12 audiences might have bought into DirecTV's line if it was USC still lording over the rest of the Pac-12, but with teams from all over the conference actually showcasing competitiveness to win the crown, it's becoming less likely. Going into November, at least five to six teams had a realistic shot of winning the Pac-12 crown. And of course no one really knows who's going to win the Pac-12 basketball championship. Everything is up in the air.

The only way to convince DirecTV that the Pac-12 Network is worth carrying? Boycott, cancel, and move on over to another provider that carries the channels. Use the Channel Finder to help find the right service for your area.

Irony of ironies: Cal basketball won the DirecTV Classic last night. Read the tea leaves DIRECTV, or there shall be a reckoning.