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Stanford football landed Dylan Powell & Andrew Pryts on NSD, Demetris Robertson deliberates

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

2016 Stanford Recruiting: S Andrew Pryts Flips from Penn State [Sean Levy, Rule of Tree]: "Pryts has the ability to play both of the safety positions. He is quick enough and has the closing speed to be the centerfielder in Stanford's defense and he also has the strength and instincts to be the box safety. Pryts is a smart and knowledgeable player with great awareness on the field. He puts himself in the position to make big plays, through positioning himself in the passing lanes or creeping up in obvious running situation."

2016 Stanford Recruiting: OL Dylan Powell Chooses to Stanford [Sean Levy, Rule of Tree]: "3-star Dylan Powell, is 6-3, which is a good height, and he has the frame to add on more muscle. Like most freshman need to do, Powell will need to put on another 20lbs to get upwards of 290lbs. That being said, he has proven himself to be powerful enough to knock defenders off the line. His leg torque drives defenders backwards which then allows him to get to the second level of defenders."

Can Stanford Land the Best Wide Receiver in the Country? [Matt Vassar, Rule of Tree]: "Demetris Robertson just retook the SAT and has vowed not to sign anywhere until after he finds out whether he got into Stanford. What does this mean for the Cardinal? In this edition of Cardinal CounTree, Matt Vassar discusses Stanford possibly landing the best wide receiver in the country, Demetris Robertson."