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Stanford football recruiting: K.J. Britt, Mohamed Sanogo, Alden Tofo news

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The Stanford Cardinal have all sorts of needs to address on the defensive side of the football, so they need more talent on that side of the basketball going forward.

Stanford targets Alabama LB K.J. Britt by Andy Drukarev: "Stanford went back to the state of Alabama last month to offer linebacker K.J. Britt." [Stanford Rivals]

Four-Star TX Linebacker On-Campus: ""They recruit guys who are smart and are able to compete as well. They are a team, they are not just a bunch of guys all over, and they are good guys you can focus on the classroom, guys like me."" [Stanford Cardinal Football, Basketball, and Recruiting Front Page]

2017 Linebacker target Mohamed Sanogo recaps Stanford visit: ""If I have a standout season, I think it will definitely come."" [Stanford Cardinal Football, Basketball, and Recruiting Front Page]

DE Recruit Alden Tofa's Recruitment Picking Up: "Tofa is hopeful to visit Stanford in the near future." [ >]