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Utah football recruiting: Tayler Katoa, Josh Moore, Joshua Ali news

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The Utah Utes need some specialty players at multiple positions next year to really get stacked in every area. Who are the type of players Utah needs to get moving to the next level? Let's take a look at the prospects under consideration for the 2017 recruiting class.

Katoa weighs his options by Kyle Alvey: "Layton (Utah) athlete Tayler Katoa has been flooded with calls and offers from around the nation as of late. The extra" [Utah Rivals]

Closer look: In-state recruiting by Dan Sorensen: "Recruiting in-state has always been a cornerstone of Kyle Whittingham's overall strategy, and the class of 2017..." [Utah Rivals]

Moore looks closely at Utah by Jeff Dunn: "Cooper (Lubbock, Texas) High School's Josh Moore has nothing but good things to say about the University of Utah." [Utah Rivals]

Florida wideout eyes Utes by Jeff Dunn: "Chaminade (Hollywood, Fla.) receiver Joshua Ali could be a big weapon in Utah's spread attack."