Linked Up: Pac-12 Roundtable Investigates Whether Oregon Or Oregon State Impress Best

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

Who was the most impressive Pac-12 team this week? Was it the Oregon State Beavers beating the UCLA Bruins, the Oregon Ducks blanking the Arizona Wildcats, maybe the Colorado Buffaloes coming back to beat the Washington State Cougars?

Which Pac-12 team impressed you the most in Week 4 and why?

Avinash Kunnath, Pacific Takes & California Golden Blogs: Oregon. The Ducks gave up absolutely nothing anywhere. They made plenty of mistake throughout the game and still won by seven touchdowns. They gave up no big plays and their defense is starting to show why they could be the best overall unit in the conference, which is scary because of how unstoppable that offense can be once they get going.

Jon Woods, Ralphie Report: Well, since you asked who impressed me the most I have to go with the Buffaloes in the win over the Cougars. Down 31-14 on the road after starting the season 0-3 with losses to the three easiest teams on the schedule you would have expected this team to begin to fold and let Washington State run away with it. Remember, this program has only won one road game since 2007. Instead Jordan Webbb led the Buffaloes all the way back to a season-saving win. I can't even begin to describe how big of a swing that must have been for this team's psyche.

Trevor Wong, Conquest Chronicles: Oregon. Arizona did hang around for about a half and then it got ugly. The Ducks did whatever they wanted on offense in that second half and the defense looked pretty impressive, too, shutting down a Wildcats offense (zero points, 332 yards) that came in averaging a little more than 46 points per game and about 605 yards of total offense.

Jack Follman, Pacific Takes: Oregon State. I wasn't sold on them after their win against Wisconsin, but their run defense looks very impressive against one of the hottest offenses and running backs in the country and they did it all on the road. The no brainer answer seems like it should be Oregon, but I honestly think they're blowout win had more to do with how bad Arizona looked than how good Oregon looked.

JazzyUte, Block U: Oregon State. I speculated all offseason that maybe Mike Riley had lost his touch. I was wrong. The Beavers look damn good this season. I guess they continue to prove in Corvallis that you can never write off Oregon State.

Ryan Rosenblatt, Bruins Nation: It has to be Oregon. They absolutely shut down the Arizona offense and most impressively, didn't even play particularly well. The talent level on that team is so much better than any other tam in the conference, which I already knew, but the gap is bigger than I think anybody though and it showed on Saturday.

David Piper, Addicted to Quack: Oregon State. I thought the Beavers were going to be something awful this year, mainly because their lines have been so bad the last few years. Instead, their offensive line has been competent, and their defensive line dominant. With two wins against ranked teams to open the season, the Beavers have the best resume of any school in the conference.

Scott Allen, Rule of Tree: Oregon State. The Beavers' win over Wisconsin was looking less and less impressive by the week, but then they went into the Rose Bowl and shut down Johnathan Franklin and a UCLA offense that had run wild in their first three games. The Oregon State defense is for real and Sean Mannion appears much improved.

AndyPanda, Building the Dam: The Oregon defense. 6 stops in the red zone on the way to a shutout of a "Rich Rod" offense, plus a pair of pick-6s. Absolutely no one predicted a shutout in this one.

UteCentral, Ute Football Central & Pacific Takes:Oregon St proved that the win over Wisconsin was no fluke when they got a tough road win against a much improved UCLA team. I didn't expect a ton out of this team in 2012, but after two games it's clear that they are vastly improved on offense and defense. A win at UCLA will not be an easy thing in the 2012 and OSU proved they are legit with a win at the Rose Bowl. Did the fact that this was only game no. 2 for the Beavers have something to do with it? We may find out next week when OSU goes on the road again to U of A.

awbutler, Pac Hoops & Pacific Takes: I was starting to sip the UCLA Kool Aid the most amongst all of the surprising South Divisioners and so when Oregon State waltzed into an underwhelmingly occupied Rose Bowl and handled business from wire-to-wire, well, I was impressed. Defensively they made the Bruins look pedestrian which is saying something considering Mora’s group was putting up gaudy digits. Riley is methodical about his craft and might just have something going in Corvallis this year.

Justin Karp, Pacific Takes & Bold Saguaros: Hard to go against Oregon here. Not only did the Ducks have their usual sexy party on offense, their kinda-sorta porous defense completely shut down a rather good Arizona offense. It also led to one of the greatest memes of the season thus far. Oregon State gets a vote here for going on the road and snagging a solid road win at UCLA, but their Eugene brethren were just breathtaking on Saturday night.

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