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DirecTV, Pac-12 Network Not Close To Deal According To Larry Scott

The Pac-12 Network and DirecTV aren't any closer to a deal, reports commissioner Larry Scott.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott was at the Arizona State vs. Colorado game last night, and touched upon a variety of topics during a halftime interview. Probably the most pertinent subject on everyone's mind was the progress of negotiations between the Pac-12 Network and DirecTV.

What progress?

"I would not describe it as close, unfortunately," Scott said. "They're showing no signs of taking it any time very soon. We've offered them the deal on the same basis that everyone has taken it, so we know it's a fair deal. We're frustrated, like I know our fans are frustrated that they haven't agreed to carry it.

"Given that DirecTV, in particular, is kind of known for their sports content, we're confident that they'll listen to their customers and carry it at some station."

Not the news you want to hear after the upbeat tone Scott was expressing at last Saturday's game.

The Pac-12 Network seems to be right where they've always been in these negotiations. They continue to offer the same deal every week that they offered to Dish, Comcast, Bright House, Time Warner and everyone else. Unfortunately, that deal doesn't seem to be suitable for the satellite provider, so they have to hope demand for the network continues to grow on a weekly basis.

DirecTV is sticking to its guns here. They appear to be doubling down week after week and hoping that eventually demand for the new network will taper off at some point. They're trying to get the Pac-12 to lower the cost for their deal, but that would obviously mean the other providers would ask for a decrease in the overall subscriber cost as well. So they'll keep on pushing for their proposed deal at all costs.

For those who want the full video of Scott's interview, check out this video courtesy of Ralphie Report.

Perhaps the USC vs. Colorado game in a week will change things, but don't bet the house on it.