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Pac-12 Media Day: Colorado Football Chills Out

Jon Embree and the Colorado Buffaloes aren't expected to do much this season, and the relaxed nature of the press conference seemed to reflect that situation.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Jon Embree and Colorado seem to still be getting the hang of this whole Pac-12 Media Day thing. There were relaxed answers with occasional bits of information gleaned, but for the most part it felt like the prologue to better acts, stronger acts.

Embree is an unenviable position in being one of the most non-descript coaches in the conference. No one is expecting much from him, no one really thinks that much of him. He has no merits, no accolades, no coaching experience, nothing to distinguish him from the rest of the conference members. Likewise, he seems to treat these sessions with a slightly casual air. The word inexperienced isn't quite right, but informal seems closer to the mark. There was a very laidback feel to the Colorado part of the proceedings, like everyone expected the fun stuff to come later.

No one is expecting much of Colorado this season, and it seems even Embree knows there's a tough road ahead. There were a lot of clinical questions asked that ended up gleaning useful information, but nothing too groundbreaking. It was a conventional press conference in a media day full of unconventional individuals. It's almost like a willing concession by both sides that there is work to be done in Boulder before things start drastically improving.

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