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Pac-12 Media Day: Rich Rodriguez Revitalized, Ready To Get Arizona Football Going

Rich Rodriguez appears to be very excited to rebuild the Arizona Wildcats into his offensive image.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

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Rich Rodriguez looked like a kid on the first day of summer break. He was answering questions, talking and elaborating on any question big or small, basic or technical. For a man who seemed to retreat from the spotlight as head coach of the Wolverines, Rodriguez appears to be raring to go in Arizona.

With the shackles of Michigan no longer binding him, Rodriguez looks like a man who's enjoying being a football coach once again. There are no expectations for Rodriguez to deal with in Tucson. Just like in West Virginia, Rodriguez should be free to experiment and develop his team without the intense scrutiny that seemed to always foil his efforts in Arizona. He seems to know that he's in a good spot to grow and build the team he wants, and that there will be few interruptions in making it all happen.

The transitions aren't as hard for Rodriguez in Tucson as they are in Ann Arbor, but there still is quite a bit that needs to be fixed before he's ready to put Arizona football out there as the strongest product in the conference. There's nothing really to work on the next few weeks.

Other specific tidbits: