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Oregon Football: Chip Kelly Talks Offense

This week we've been posting a series of videos Dan Rubenstein and SB Nation produced from Pac-12 Media Days. Next video of the day comes courtesy of an interview Rubenstein did with Chip Kelly of Oregon (Previous posts: Jim Mora, UCLA; Keenan Allen, Cal; and Mike Leach, Washington State).

The Oregon Ducks offense is at the forefront of college football innovation. You'll see things from the Ducks you'll see few other teams ever attempt. They'll run off plays that exploit speed and space and make some of the best defenses around the country fall apart. Every chance they get in open space is a danger, and puts immense pressure on teams that can't dominate the line to defend all spots of the field. Chip Kelly is not going to take the pressure off as long as he's the one leading the Ducks.

Even with LaMichael James gone, there are plenty of issues for Oregon's opponents to deal with. Namely, how do you stop De'Anthony Thomas in the open field? How do you keep the Oregon Tazr position in check?

It's not like Oregon is expected to romp the competition as opposed to previous seasons though. The Ducks have to plug in a new quarterback to start this season, replacing a very solid system quarterback in Darron Thomas. The questions about who would be the most settled QB between Marcus Mariota and Bryan Bennett remain unanswered.

All that we have to know is that Oregon will keep on innovating as long as Kelly is around. Defenses in the Pac-12 will have a hard time resting the week the Ducks come up on the schedule.