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WSU Football: Q&A with The Go 2 Guy Jim Moore

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This week we are continuing or Q&A with college sports reporters and getting some insight into the 2012 Washington State Cougars from columnist and blogger Jim Moore, better known as The Go 2 Guy. Jim has been a well known fixture in the Seattle sports media scene for years now and is well known for his love of the Cougars and his love of angering Husky fans.

You can read more from Jim on his site and follow him on Twitter.

1. Does the Cougars slow start concern you about the Mike Leach era in Pullman?

It doesn't concern me about the Leach era, but I figured we'd come out of the gate faster than this. I know we need to be patient and stuff, but man, when you look at UCLA, Arizona and ASU with the starts they've had with new coaches, it makes you wonder a little bit.

2. Gut choice, who would you start, a healthy Jeff Tuel or a healthy Connor Halliday?

A healthy Halliday. Seems like more of a gunslinger. I like gunslingers over game managers. Probably a good thing I'm not the Cougar coach or we'd go 0-12 every year like the Huskies did in 2008. What a thing of beauty that was. I never miss the chance to bring up that glorious 0-12 season by Washington whenever I'm given the chance and even when I'm not given the chance.

3. How many consistent years of good coaching and recruiting do you think the Cougars are from being a winning program under Leach?

Zero. I think we're going to win this season, next season and the seasons after that with Leach in town. Though I will say that it figures that we'll be more successful once Leach gets his type of players at WSU.

4. Do you support the Cougars continuing to host a yearly conference game in Seattle?

Yes, I like the game in Seattle. Selfishly speaking, reduces my trip to the games from 300 miles to 15. It's no doubt a big money-maker and is more noticeable from a national perspective. BUT, it probably cuts down on the home-field advantage we have at Martin Stadium, no matter how many Coug fans show up. Ask the Huskies. They're playing there all year, and the first game against San Diego State, Century Link Field seemed like a neutral site.

5. What other team in the conference scares you the most right now?

Nobody scares me. We're the Cougs, we can lose to anyone. If you want a serious answer, outside of USC and Oregon, probably Arizona after that whuppin' they laid on Oklahoma State the other night. Fortunately we don't have to play USC or Arizona this year. Of the teams on our schedule, I guess ASU right now off of the Sun Devils' big thrashing of Illinois last Saturday night.

6. What classic Cougar game do you enjoy rewatching the most?

The '92 Snow Bowl. Just watched it again a couple of weeks ago when the Pac-12 Network replayed it. Will never forget Bledsoe to Bobo in the snow drift of an end zone. Will never forget the sideways snow and sleet smacking Husky fans in the faces in the west end zone. Will never forget how happy I was and how stupid I was for drinking so much 151 rum and ending up in a crumpled mess in a bathroom stall at the Moscow-Pullman International Airport. When my then-wife saw me the next night, a full 24 hours after I was supposed to get home, she looked at me and said: "I'm so sick of you and your (bleeping) Cougars."