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DirecTV Commercial Parody: I Want Pac-12 Networks

This DirecTV commercial parody indicates how unwilling the satellite company seems to be in offering the Pac-12 Networks.

You might remember those DirecTV commercials right? The ones where someone ends up signing up for cable but it makes them feel sad because they can't get a channel they want so they do something silly like ordering the world's best egg drop soup making machine off an infomercial and then they realize it's defective but accidentally kill a cousin of a Chinese Triad member and then he has to panic and do a sex change operation but it goes all wrong and it turns him into a half-panda, half-mongoose hybrid, and then the narrator is all like "DON'T CHANGE INTO A HALF-PANDA, HALF-MONGOOSE."

You remember those right? I think that's how one of them went.

Well Utah fan Regan Duckworth wasn't messing around with his video. He turned this advertising campaign right back at the satellite company, indicating how DirecTV's intransigence on not deciding to show the Pac-12 Network was impairing their ability to act.

Keep the pressure coming Pac-12 fans. Demand that DirecTV shows the Pac-12 Networks by any means necessary and maybe they'll buckle even further than they already have.