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Pac-12 Network: Don't expect a DirecTV deal for awhile. What can you do to help?

The Pac-12 Network and DirecTV seem a long way away from making a deal to carry the service. What can you do to help facilitate a deal? If you have DirecTV, cancel it, regardless of the cost.

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The Pac-12 and DirecTV are stuck in a holding pattern. Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott indicates that nothing will really change for awhile barring drastic action. The Cal vs. USC deadline has passed, and with no deal in place this is where we stand.

Scott reiterated that nothing is happening halftime of the Seattle vs. Washington game.

So what can you expect these next couple of months? Probably

1) More name-calling.

2) More passive-aggressive acts.

Oh boy. Sounds fun!

DirecTV knows they can just bunker down now.

The only seeming way to move DirecTV to act before the conclusion of the season? Action.

DirecTV subscribers that want the Pac-12 Network must cancel their subscriptions en masse, as suggested in the ultimatum letter the Pac-12 threw around a few weeks ago. You'll lose some money if you're locked into your two-year deals or what not, but this is why DirecTV puts those two-year contracts in place to begin with.

Why is that?

DirecTV can strong-arm TV networks in their negotiations. because they know subscribers will be less willing to cancel their deal because people despise short-term losses. Then they'll throw them a bone and offer 'free' services in turn like NFL Sunday Ticket to keep you roped in (and they aren't really free for you or anyone since it's likely DirecTV would have to pay a bit more to keep the Pac-12 Network, so it's at best offsetting costs)

After all that, the Pac-12 Network gets left out in the dark. Satellite TV economics!

What DirecTV is counting on is diminishing interest in the games as time goes by once fanbases start losing their ability to compete for bowl games and what not. Then, as demand shrinks, they'll try and dress down the Pac-12 at the negotiating table.

If you're serious about the Pac-12 Network making a deal with DirecTV anytime soon, fans need to keep on ramping upt he pressure by