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Colorado Buffaloes Football Is In So Much Trouble

The Colorado Buffaloes football team is in so much trouble after a loss to Colorado State.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

So much for six wins being a possibility. After falling in the Centenial Cup to an average Colorado State squad, it's clear Colorado has much work to do before they can seriously consider being ready for a bowl game.

  • Colorado State was 111th in Rushing S&P+ on defense and lost their starting defensive ends to dismissal, and despite all that they still managed Colorado's run attack to a putrid two rushing yards per carry.
  • CSU also lost their best pass rusher in Mike Orakpo to similar circumstances as their defensive ends (expulsion), and the remainder of the Rams still managed to sack Jordan Webb five times. Colorado State is a good pass-rushing team, so this is less surprising, but this ineptitude in both run blocking and pass protection doomed Colorado to offensive inconsistency from the start.
  • The Rams picked apart a Buffs pass defense that is still apparently being assembled with scotch tape and playschool glue. Colorado State didn't pile up yards through the air (only 173 in all), but they averaged 8.2 yards per pass attempt and Garrett Grayson completed two-thirds of his passes.
  • Webb spent a lot more time passing and was far less effective doing so, although the anemic run game and heavy pass rush probably didn't help.

Other than that, everything was jolly.

There's so much the Buffaloes need to do as a team, and their inability to get a win against perhaps the weakest team on their schedule will probably mean they spend the rest of the season looking up at everyone else.

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