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Pac-12 Football Refs Continue Their Flag-Happy Ways


Pac-12 football referees continue to struggle with regards to over-officiating. Six of the ten Pac-12 games piled up 14 penalties and 120 penalty yards or more; three of the Pac-12 officiating crews topped 17 penalties thrown for over 150 yards. Seven Pac-12 teams had seven or eight penalties; four of the teams had eight.

UCLA was the most penalized team in the Pac-12 this week, picking up 107 yards on eight penalties. Oregon, USC, Washington State all picked up eight flags each, although the penalty yardage wasn't quite as severe.

The least penalized team was once again Stanford, who continued to avoid their long run of staying away from being flagged. The Cardinal only picked up one penalty for five yards. Utah also only had three penalties, and Washington and Arizona State managed four each.

The crew that threw the most flags? The Jay Stricherz-led crew at the Washington State-BYU game, which compiled 18 penalties and 185 yards overall. The crew took away two terrific grabs from Marquess Wilson due to penalties, including what would have been WSU's first touchdown on the season.

Click here for a breakdown of the officiating numbers via our Google Spreadsheet.