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Pac-12 Network: Watching Football Games On TV And Online, Week 2

Find out how to watch the Pac-12 Network on TV for Week 2 games like Oklahoma State vs Arizona and Fresno State vs Oregon on satellite and cable providers like Dish, Comcast, Bright House, Time Warner and Cox.

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For those who want to sit at home and watch all six Pac-12 Network games this week, here are your options (I'm not counting smaller subscribers, who still probably only have the TV option available; check your local providers).


They just signed up a few hours ago, so here's what should hopefully be available for you by kickoff at noon.

Channel 413
: National Network: Southern Utah at California, noon; Fresno State at Oregon, 3:30 PM PT, Oklahoma State at Arizona, 7:30 PM PT
Channel 445: Overflow Channel #1: Sacramento State at Colorado, noon; Duke at Stanford, 7:30 PM PT
Channel 446: Overflow Channel #2: Eastern Washington at Washington State, noon PT

TV Everywhere via Pac-12 Now won't be available for a bit. For now it's overflow feeds for everything extra.

Cox, Time Warner, Bright House

You should be all set up with your regional and national feeds along with your Pac-12 Anywhere services for either the Internet or online. Here are the details for watching online:

If you subscribe to Bright House, Cox, or Time Warner Cable, just visit and enter your user ID and password for your television provider or download the Pac-12 Now iPad app at the App Store.


If you have a Comcast subscription to the Pac-12 Network, you get the regional TV channel within your region in HD and the national channel in SD only; if you're outside the region, you're stuck with the national channel only. However, any TV subscription to the Pac-12 Networks should provide you access to the current online feeds for all seven channels. Here are the links.

TV Everywhere via Pac-12 Now on Comcast won't be available for awhile. It's just the live feeds for now.

For Comcast, here's the schedule for the networks to make sure which link to click above.

Saturday Windows

12:00 PM PT
Colorado vs. Sacramento State: Pac-12 Mountain

Washington State vs. Eastern Washington: Pac-12 Washington and Oregon

Cal vs. Southern Utah: Pac-12 National, Pac-12 Bay Area, Pac-12 Arizona and Pac-12 Los Angeles

3:30 PM PT
Oregon vs. Fresno State: Pac-12 National and all six regionals

7:30 PM PT
Arizona vs. Oklahoma State:
Pac-12 National, Pac-12 Arizona, Los Angeles, Oregon, Mountain, and Washington

Stanford vs. Duke: Pac-12 Bay Area