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2013 NBA Draft: The Top 10 Pac-12 NBA Draft Prospects

Shabazz Muhammad is falling down draft boards while Allen Crabbe is rising.


1. Shabazz Muhammad SF UCLA Fr. 6'6 225

Muhammad's stock has seemed to drop ever since he signed with UCLA. Once a guy who some thought could be the top overall pick in the 2013 draft, Muhammad is now a guy who most think will follow out of the lottery. Though he did end up being one of the best players in the country last season, a myriad of controversies have surrounded him off-the-court and he was plagued by accusations of his motivation and attitude on-the-court on top of it. As a pure player, Muhammad is strong, can score and is kind of like a like a less athletic DeMar DeRozan or Terrence Ross. He does a little bit of everything well but could be a better shooter and defender.

Prediction - Mid-first round - Muhammad's stock seems to be plummeting now and despite long being thought of as a sure-fire lottery pick, some have suggested that he might completely fall out of the first round. While there may be a lot of questions about Muhammad's off-the-court issues and effort, I think his physical tools, particularly his 6'11 wingspan, will just be too much for teams in the late-lottery or just after the lottery to pass up.

2. Allen Crabbe SG Cal Jr. 6'6 210

The 2013 Pac-12 Player of the Year, Crabbe is a pure shooter that could immediately step onto an NBA team and provide a shooting lift. He's not an outstanding overall player yet, but has good enough size for the shooting guard position at the next level and could be a great spot scorer for a good team.

Prediction - Mid to late first round - As you see every year in the NBA Playoffs, having a guy who can come off the bench that can knock down open shots is huge and Crabbe can fill that role, so I except him to get taken off the board than some might think. I see a good, playoff-level team that needs another outside shooter scooping him up somewhere in the first round.

3. Andre Roberson SF Colorado Jr. 6'7 210

Robertson would be a guaranteed first round draft pick, maybe even a lottery pick if he was just a couple inches taller. He's one of the best rebounders and defenders in the draft and is a crafty scorer, but the only problem is that his size makes him a classic power forward/small forward tweener. Overall, Roberson is basically a power forward in small forward's body and the problem is that he doesn't have the outside game to play small forward at the next level and might not be a great defender on the outside. Roberson is a hard worker and one of those guys who is simply a basketball player and can't really be categorized, so I could see him becoming a great player at the next level despite his tweener lable.

Prediction - Late first round to early second round - This is high for Roberson, but I think some teams will fall in love with him and I think he could be a perfect fit for a team like San Antonio or Indiana that like crafty, unconventional players like him that simply know how to play basketball very well.

4. Dewayne Dedmon C USC Jr. 7'0 255

There's a lot of reasons to not get that excited about Dedmon - lack of production at USC, limited offensive game, a penchant for fouling and a late-season off-the-court incident to top it all off, the simple fact is Dedmon is seven feet tall. Dedmon isn't just a standard seven-footer either though, as he is incredibly athletic for his size and has shown the ability to rebound and block shots. He is a bit like a poor man's DeAndre Jordan when he puts it all together.

Prediction - Early to mid second round - The NBA is starting to wise up just a little bit about falling in love with guys who are big and athletic but have no basketball skills and it will probably keep him out of the first round, but his raw abilities won't keep him on the board for much longer than that. Some team will decide quickly in the second round that they would like to take him on as a project.

5. Solomon Hill SF Arizona 6'7 220

Another tweener. Hill is crafty scorer with a little bit of inside-outside game that knows how to use his bulky body to his advantage against smaller defender and bring bigger defenders outside with his long-range game. He is probably fine on the offensive side, but will have trouble at the next level on defense as he doesn't have the athleticism to defend outside but doesn't have the size to defend and rebound down low.

Prediction - Mid to late second round - Hill is a bit like a less athletic, but better offensively skilled Roberson and I wouldn't be that surprised if he actually goes off the board before him. I could easily see Hill go undrafted, but I think his scoring ability will get him drafted.

6. Carrick Felix SG Arizona State 6'6 195

Felix was a late bloomer at Arizona State and had a good junior season and then a great senior season. He's very athletic and is an excellent defender on the edge and rebounder for his size. He doesn't have the best offensive skills and kind of has a game that doesn't fit into any position perfectly, but he can flat out play and could be a defensive specialist at the next level if he develops well.

Prediction - Mid to late second round - Felix' lack of offensive game will keep him out of the first round, but his defensive and rebounding skills, especially for his size will get him drafted.

7. Grant Jerrett PF Arizona Fr. 6'10 235

This year's designated Pac-12 "Why is this guy declaring?" guy, Jerrett has some great physical tools but was very underwhelming and did little to nothing in his one year at Arizona. Jerrett has an excellent outside stroke for a 6'10 guy but that is about it. He has no inside game for a guy of his size and isn't particularly athletic.

Prediction - Late second round to undrafted - The fact that he can knock down threes at 6'10 should get Jerrett drafted by somebody, but the fact that he is completely unproven and isn't an inside player at all will make that pick come at the very end of the draft.

8. Kevin Parrom SG Arizona 6'6 220

Parrom never averaged more than eight points per-game at Arizona but has an NBA body and athleticism. He's a good all around player at the shooting guard position and could make a team because of his athleticism and ability to do a little bit of everything well.

Prediction - Undrafted - I think there is a small chance that Parrom's raw tools could get him taken late in the second, but I wouldn't bet on it. Should get a shot as a free agent though.

9. Arsalan Kazemi PF Oregon 6'7 225

Like Roberson, Kazemi is one of the best rebounders in the draft who would got pretty high if he was just a couple of inches taller. Unfortunately though, Kazemi is undersized to play power forward and doesn't have the athleticism or ball skills to play on the outside at all. However, he is similar to former-Washington power forward Jon Brockman in game and body size and Brockman was able to work his way into the draft because of his pure rebounding ability.

Prediction - Undrafted - I could see Kazemi's performance in the NCAA Tournament and rebounding prowess getting him into the draft, but I think his lack of size and athleticism means that he will have to prove himself as a free agent.

10. Aziz N'Diaye C Washington 7'0 260

N'Diaye is a very raw seven-footer that could never seem to put it all together at Washington. He always had the size, athleticism and strength, but was always foul prone, has absolutely no offensive skills, tends to disappear and isn't as good of a shot blocker as he should be. Still, N'Diaye is a legitimate seven-footer and still has untapped potential so I think some teams will take a look at him.

Prediction - Undrafted - Strictly physically, N'Diaye could be a first round pick, but he's just never done much and after three years of major college basketball, I think most will feel that they have already seen as much as anyone can get out of him.

Others considered

Brock Motum PF Washington State 6'10 245

E.J Singler SF Oregon 6'6 215

Mark Lyons PG Arizona 6'1 200

Larry Drew II PG UCLA 6'2 180

Jared DuBois PG Utah 6'3 170