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Arizona State football polished en route to Wisconsin showdown

The Arizona State Sun Devils are ready to roll into a big matchup with the Wisconsin Badgers in the desert. Our chat with Cody Ulm and Kerry Crowley of House of Sparky!

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What pleases you the most about the Devils after getting to finally see them in action?

Cody: The fact that Taylor Kelly executed in the highest degree. Some might call it doing what's expected against a subpar opponent; I call it a sign of growth in terms of system knowledge. Almost every one of Kelly's throws were quick and decisive. He knew what was going to work and he didn't hesitate. Kelly did a mighty fine job spreading the ball around as well. I had some hesitations whether or not he would be able to match his 2012 touchdown total for most of this season. But after seeing what he did Thursday, I now think he could finish closer than I originally thought.

Kerry: Taylor Kelly. The Idaho native is absolutely the right man for the job and I think he'll continue to grow in year two as the Sun Devils starting quarterback. Last year, Kelly was remarkably efficient and did not throw an interception in any of the Sun Devils' eight wins. He's a smart decision maker who commands the respect of his teammates and is underrated in the read-option game. Against Sacramento State, Kelly looked much improved and had a confidence and swagger about him that made me believe that this offense can really be something special this year.

Looking forward to the Wisconsin game, how do you see yourself matching up against them and how do you think the game will go?

Cody: My biggest concern is our run defense versus their vicious ground game. There's little doubt in my mind that Wisconsin is going to have their way in the rushing department. At this point, it's more about matching their offensive output and forcing a few turnovers from Joel Stave along the way. Ultimately, I do think that home field advantage will be the deciding factor but I am a little more fearful after seeing the numbers the Badgers have put up through two weeks. I know we haven't seen the full extent of their new 3-4 defense yet and they've already put up back-to-back shutouts. That's a scary thought, even if both came against mediocre opposition.

Kerry: The Wisconsin/Arizona State matchup is a really unique contest that will challenge both teams in ways that they just won't see in their own conferences. Wisconsin is a mini-Stanford in my opinion with their size along the offensive line and their offensive scheme so it's a great test for the Sun Devils prior to heading up to the farm. The Badgers' big play offense has the potential to expose holes that we haven't seen yet in the Sun Devils' defense, but Arizona State has the potential to throw that right back at Wisconsin. I think both teams will surprise each other on a number of levels but I'm confident in the Sun Devils' offense to the point where I see Arizona State coming out on top.

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