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UCLA football recruiting: Andre Godfrey, Uriah Leiataua, Kolton Miller visiting this weekend

Here are the visits this weekend to Westwood.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Uriah Leiataua, Compton (Ca.) Dominguez defensive end: UCLA is one of the final visitors. BYU will be the final visit. Stanford and Wisconsin figure to be in the mix along with the Bruins and the Cougars.

Andre Godfrey, Hollywood (Fl.) Miarmar safety: Godfrey is committing to either Utah, UCLA or Wisconsin the Friday before his scheduled visit to the Bruins. Godfrey committed to Utah. He will not be visiting UCLA.

Kolton Miller, Roseville (Ca.) offensive tackle: Miller has a lot of attention from plenty of schools, but Oregon State seems to be the school to watch. UCLA is in the mix though, along with Wisconsin and Cal.

Denzel Fisher, Compton (Ca.) Centennial cornerback: Fisher has already committed to the Bruins back on September 3rd. Fisher committed to UCLA over schools like Washington State, Utah, Oregon State and USC.

Nathan Starks, Englewood (Co.) Cherry Creek athlete: Starks is already currently committed to the Bruins. There are plenty of offers from big schools like Alabama, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas, and USC.

Cameron Griffin, Los Angeles (Ca.) View Park Prep middle linebacker: Griffin is already committed to UCLA.