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Colorado Buffaloes find big-time offensive signees in Beau Bisharat, Trey Udoffia

Check out Ralphie Report to learn more about the Buffs.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Buffaloes closed strong on the 2016 recruiting class. The athletes are needed at many positions, and some good surprises came in the 48 hours leading up to National Signing Day. The Buffs found a bunch of offensive talent that will be needed to replenish and reload. The question marks come on the defensive side of the ball.

Surprise! Juwann Winfree Announces for the Buffs! [Jack Barsch, Ralphie Report]: "His highlights show size, speed, agility, and upfield cuts, something that has been missing for the Buffs. Juwann frequently wins against press coverage on the outside and can out-muscle the corners for contested balls. He also is frequently used in the middle of the field, and has the physicality to make it happen."

SURPRISE! Beau Bisharat Commits to the Buffs! [Jack Barsch, Ralphie Report]: "His highlights are extremely impressive. I know this is a Buff fan fantasy, but watching those highlights makes me think of Chris Brown. A tall runner with upright style and a refusal to go down, Bisharat has quick feet, great speed for his size, and cuts in traffic."

National Signing Day 2016: Johnny Huntley is a Colorado Buffalo! [Jack Barsch, Ralphie Report]: ""High Point" Huntley has great ball skills, a huge frame, and enough speed to gain separation on the bigger cornerbacks. Johnny Huntley should be able to play right away and should make a big impact immediately on offense."

National Signing Day 2016: Trey Udoffia is a Colorado Buffalo! [Jack Barsch, Ralphie Report]: "Trey wants to play immediately, and definitely has the ability to do so, given his athleticism and skill. Personally, I think Udoffia may end up to be the biggest steal of the class. Only two PAC-12 offers for this young man. That is a criminally low number and he will pay dividends down the line."