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Colorado football recruiting: Tre Swilling, Dae'Quantae Showers, D'Shawn Schwartz news

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Who are the Colorado Buffaloes looking as potential next recruiting targets for 2017? Here's a list of potentials.

Blue-chip corner looking into CU by Adam Munsterteiger: "Darian Hagan's extra effort on the recruiting trail caught the attention of New Orleans standout Tre Swilling." [Colorado Rivals]

Open to leaving Florida for college by Adam Munsterteiger: "Dae'Quantae Showers has gained interest in Colorado since receiving an offer from the Buffaloes last weekend." [Colorado Rivals]

Three standing out for Schwartz by Eric Bossi: "D'Shawn Schwartz was among the four-star recruits to participate as The Under Armour Association wrapped up the spring." [Colorado Rivals]

Another Mullen prospect to watch by Adam Munsterteiger: "A'Jon Vivens come up with a number of clutch catches as an underclassman at Mullen." [Colorado Rivals]

Beck back on the market by BuffStampede: "A top 100 Texas recruit, who has held an offer from CU since last July, has decommitted from Houston." [Colorado Rivals