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Oregon Ducks football: Ranking opponents from easiest to toughest

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

12. Georgia State (September 19
): Georgia State was brutally bad last season and gave up tons of points to mediocre Sun Belt squads. I shudder to think of the records that will be broken in Eugene next season.

11. Eastern Washington (September 5): The likely Vernon Adams reunion game. Eastern Washington has proven to be plenty spunky against any Pac-12 team they've faced, but Oregon might be a bit stiffer.

10. at Colorado (October 3): The Buffs generally have one task against the Ducks. Play them tough for a quarter or two, then lose by six touchdowns or more.

9. Oregon State (Friday, November 27): The Civil War has become rather lopsided lately. It's not likely to change much this season with the Beavers installing a new coach and replacing a lot of players.

8. Cal (November 7): The Golden Bears have proven to be up to the task offensively, but the Ducks had no trouble scoring right back on them. It shouldn't change all that much in Autzen.

7. at Washington (October 17): Washington usually does the same thing they always do against Oregon: Lose by three touchdowns or more, then get ready to suffer in misery for another year.

6. Washington State (October 10): The Ducks played the Cougars pretty stiff last year, but they should feel more comfortable at home.

5. Utah (September 26): The Utes have the defense to keep Oregon in check for awhile, but do they have the offense to score an upset?

4. at Arizona State (Thursday, October 29): Oregon and Arizona State on Halloween weekend is going to be a crazy matchup, but the Ducks will have a lot of time to prepare.

3. USC (November 21): The Trojans are back on the menu! Oregon and USC will be a game to watch the week before Thanksgiving as a potential playoff elimination matchup.

2. at Stanford (November 14): Hey I think I've heard of this one. The Ducks will have the offense and the Cardinal have that great defense. But but but does Oregon have a Stanford problem?

1. at Michigan State (September 12): The Spartans battled the Ducks to a standstill for nearly three quarters before Oregon broke through. But they will have a lot of issues doing the same thing in East Lansing with Connor Cook aiming to lift the Spartans to greater heights.