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WR Daniel Arias enjoys Colorado and Utah trips, Oregon State also makes top six

Three Pac-12 schools in the mix for Arias.

Utah v Colorado Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

There are three programs in the Pac-12 in pursuit of Daniel Arias. Is the Mill Creek (Washington) prospect staying out west?

Arias lists a current top six that includes the Colorado Buffaloes, the Oregon State Beavers, and the Utah Utes. Also making the cut: Boise State, UConn, and San Diego State.

There are positive indications that Arias is going to stay out West. Two of his most recent trips to college programs went to Boulder and Salt Lake, and it sounded like Arias was really excited about Colorado and Utah respectively.

Arias had positive things to say about the Colorado offer when he got it.

"That was pretty big," Arias said of the CU offer. "I'm happy and I'm excited to go there for a visit. It just happened out of the blue. I started looking into the program more and the coaches started showing interest, and then they offered this week.