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What would a successful Pac-12 football bowl season look like in 2016?

Lots of Pac-12 matchups coming after Christmas.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Southern California Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Henry: I think a successful season for the Pac-12 is 4-2. Washington is a huge underdog, and CU and USC have no slack games. Even though USC and Colorado are favored, it gives the Pac-12 an opportunity to lose one other game other than the UW game. If USC and CU wins, and they go 5-1, that's a really great season.

Gabey Lucas: I'm pretty much on the same page as Taylor. Looking at all the Pac's bowls, I feel like each team besides Washington is an objectively better team than their opponent. That being said Taylor's right that CU and USC especially will still have tough games and none of the Pac teams have such a mismatch that all they have to do is show up. Also, the more I think about it the more I see UW being capable of Alabama. Still though... It's Bama. They're terrifying. Duh.

David Colangelo: 4-2. USC, Washington State, Utah, and Stanford (even without McCaffrey) should win their bowl games. The Colorado game is a coin flip. Lastly, UW.. Well, UW made the playoff. So that's nice. 4-2 with a good shot at 5-1 is a successful bowl season for the conference.