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Pac-12 Networks, U-Verse closing in on deal?

The Pac-12 would love to add more carriers to their networks, and AT&T U-Verse seems to be the next ones up to sign onto carry all the national and regional channels.

Steve Dykes

The Pac-12 and AT&T U-Verse have yet to make an official announcement that the teleco carrier will be carrying the network. But there exist very strong clues that a deal is in the works prior to the start of the football season.

From our first post on the subject, it was clear that there were definite hints that Pac-12 Networks is preparing to launch on U-Verse once a deal has been inked. The carrier was already prepping the channels on their lineup. What isn't quite yet known is the extent, and whether certain distributors will carry some or all of the networks.

A tip from loyal reader Redonkulous Bear seems to indicate that seven channels are in the works, which could portend good things for the Pac-12:

Titantv is showing a 7 channel block labeled as U-verse sports. However they pulled anything that says pac-12 on the uverse guide and the titan guide.

Pac-12 networks has 1 national and 6 regional channels. Could u-verse be negotiating to take all the regional networks?







It's unclear what the parameters of the deal are yet, but it seems that the entire domain of networks will soon be available on AT&T U-Verse in one way or another. A deal would go a long way in ensuring that more and more of the nation will soon have the ability to watch Pac-12 Networks if they chose to watch it.