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UCLA football tight end recruiting targets: Moses Robinson-Carr, Erik Krommehoek, Josh Falo

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UCLA seems to be pondering a return to more of a pro-style type offense. That involves more tight end play. What type of prospect can the Bruins recruit at that position?

4-star TE Jimmy Jaggers Visits Pac-12 Trio: "May 12 -- Roseville (Calif.) four-star tight end Jimmy Jaggers visited three Pac-12 schools this spring, including UCLA..." [ >]

Clips of UCLA TE Target Erik Krommehoek: "June 8 -- Watch tight end prospect and UCLA spring offeree Erik Krommenhoek in clips from the recent Oakland Opening..." [UCLA Bruins Football, Basketball, and Recruiting Front Page]

4-Star TE Josh Falo in Action: "June 9 -- Take a look at UCLA tight end target and four-star prospect Josh Falo in action from the Opening Oakland..." [UCLA Bruins Football, Basketball, and Recruiting Front Page]

3-star TE Robinson-Carr Checks Out UCLA: "My 14 -- Lancaster (Calif.) Antelope Valley three-star tight end Moses Robinson-Carr has hit double-digits in offers, with UCLA the latest one and he visited Westwood during spring practice..." [ >]