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Washington Huskies commits at the Opening: Marquis Spiker, Sammiuela Taimaini

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Arizona v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The Washington Huskies have two commits currently up at The Opening. A quick look at each of the recruits and what they’re capable of.

Marquis Spiker, four-star wide receiver from Murrieta Valley. Full scouting report from Scout:

Spiker is a big, physical receiver with a lot of upside. He has strong hands, great body control and is very good in jump ball situations. He's not a burner but can make plays down the field and get behind a defense. He's a strong blocker who does a nice job catching through contact. -- Biggins

Sammiuela Taimaini, four-star offensive lineman from East Salt Lake City. Full scouting report from Taimaini.

Taimani has a strong upper body and sturdy lower half that makes him immovable when defenders attempt to go through him. It's not easy to go around him, either, given that Taimani shifts his feet quickly and absorbs contact while pushing opponents back. Taimani also has the potential to be a high level defensive tackle and has earned offer for both sides.