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Pac-12 Network: DirecTV Issues A Flippant Retort

DirecTV seems dismissive of the Pac-12 Network in their latest statement regarding why they won't carry the channel.

Steve Dykes - Getty Images

Words, words, words. Why does DirecTV continue to insist on using them?

Jon Wilner got back in contact with the satellite carrier regarding their stance regarding the Pac-12 Network. Here's the official statement.

I'm sure they do. All zero of the viewers currently viewing the network have to be quite pleased with their service. I report a 100% satisfactory rating from them!

Oh, you mean the price that seems to be affordable enough for every other major satellite and cable carrier? The 90 cents per subscriber that pretty much matches whatever DirecTV gains from the Big Ten Network, the other big college conference network?

A la carte doesn't sound like a bad model. IF EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT. But if DirecTV is giving the Pac-12 Network this demand they should be handling the situation similarly with every other channel on their sports tier.

Let's not even get into the silliness of a separate paid subscription package, which is too ridiculous for words. That'd be killing the network before it even had a chance to get started on DirecTV. And the on-demand is a bit implied with Pac-12 Everywhere, no?

Sounds like there's only one side here that isn't being all that fair.

It looks like the DirecTV has dug in just as much as the Pac-12. The standoff continues. No resolution is in sight.