Regional Rivalries Realignment

Texas-Texas A&M. dead.

Mizzou-Kansas. dead.

Pitt-West Va. dead.

Florida-Miami. dead.

Pitt-Penn St. dead.

Utah-BYU. dead.

Nebraska-Oklahoma. dead.

As a Clemson fan, I want to play Georgia, Auburn & Tennessee but with a 14-team conference & a 9-game conference schedule (plus Sakerlina), there's no room. We've had to cancel a series w/ Ole Miss & Oklahoma St b/c of this. We almost cancelled our 1st game vs Georgia since 2004 before both schools agreed on a $3 million buyout to play it next year & 2014. This will be the last time the 2 schools every play in the regular season IMO. We've played 57 times & are 74 miles apart.

There's a bunch of other examples. Here's my solution:

With 12, 14 & 16 team conferences, everyone can't play everyone. 10 games against 'BCS' competition is the max teams can do to make sure they have 7 home games. I would have more fun as a fan watching my school play the same 10 teams us fans consider our biggest rivals. So I propose a move to simple 8-team conferences.

A team plays the other 7 teams in its conference. They also play their 3 biggest rivals OOC annually for 10 games. This puts more of an emphasis on regional rivalries. Play the teams us fans care about. Then they can schedule their 2 cupcakes at home to make $.

In basketball, teams play each team in their conference 2x & their OOC rivals 2x for 14 conference games & 20 annual games. Then add in up to 10 cupcakes, early season tournaments & ACC-B1G challenges.

*The Mississippi, Washington & BEast teams have to fill in some rivalry games from the Metro & Mtn West conferences.

**Notre Dame plays a full 12 team schedule instead of 10 w/ Stan, USC, Mich, Mich St & Navy OOC.

Here's the Google Map for the new conferences.

Let's take a look at the SEC 1st - bold = conf member, next row = annual OOC Rival, miles away from each other & times played:

Rival 2
Rival 3
Florida FSU - 151 mi, 56x Miami - 336 mi, 54x Sakerlina - 354 mi, 32x
Georgia Ga Tech - 70 mi, 101x Sakerlina - 153 mi, 59x Clemson - 74 mi, 57x
Tennessee Kentucky - 170 mi, 104x Vandy - 180 mi, 101x Clemson - 195 mi, 18x
Auburn Ga Tech - 110 mi, 86x Clemson - 232 mi, 47x FSU - 205 mi, 18x
Alabama Vandy - 238 mi, 83x Arkansas - 544 mi, 22x Sakerlina - 416 mi, 15x
Mississippi Memphis - 79 mi, 59x TCU - 547 mi, 6x Baylor - 564 mi, 1x
Mississippi State Memphis - 174 mi, 44x Baylor - 569 mi, 4x TCU - 555 mi, 1x
Louisiana State Arkansas - 563 mi, 56x Texas - 431 mi, 15x Baylor - 428 mi, 11x

1932's Founding Fathers except for Vandy (private) & Kentucky (not in the south). Keeping it west of the Appalachians like they always intended. Allows Florida to play Miami, Georgia to play Clemson & Auburn to play Ga Tech & Clemson. Tenn still gets to play Kentucky & Vandy, plus Clemson, 74 miles away. The Mississippi's are in the heart of this SEC so not many regional rivals to choose from - they get Memphis & go out to Texas. Sakerlina still gets to play Florida, Georgia & now Bama. Arkansas keeps LSU & Bama.

Everybody else after the Jump.

Rival 2
Rival 3
Florida State Florida - 151 mi, 56x Miami - 468 mi, 54x Auburn - 205 mi, 18x
Georgia Tech Georgia - 70 mi, 101x Auburn - 110 mi, 86x Miami - 663 mi, 17x
Clemson Georgia - 74 mi, 57x Auburn - 232 mi, 47x Tenn - 195 mi, 18x
South Carolina (SEC)
Georgia - 153 mi, 59x Florida - 354 mi, 32x Bama - 416 mi, 15x
North Carolina Wake - 77 mi, 99x Duke - 11 mi, 91x Maryland - 282 mi, 69x
North Carolina State Wake - 107 mi, 104x Duke - 25 mi, 81x Maryland - 294 mi, 67x
Virginia Maryland - 128 mi, 76x Duke - 167 mi, 60x Penn St - 284 mi, 6x
Virginia Tech West Va - 250 mi, 51x Wake - 103 mi, 36x Pitt - 321 mi, 11x

Sakerlina rejoins the ACC. ACC drops the dead weight (er, 5 private schools) & Pitt so it's focused on the south/mid-Atlantic. Now all 4 North Carolina schools get to play the other 3 annually. Clemson, FSU & Ga Tech can play other teams in the south. Virginia has a 4 hour drive to Happy Valley. Original member Maryland has to change conferences but keeps UNC, NCST & UVA on the annual schedule. Most importantly to Tobacco Road - all the basketball schools get to play each other 2x, including Duke-UNC.


Connecticut Cuse - 270 mi, 8x BC - 84 mi, 4x USF - 1281 mi, 9x
Rutgers Cuse - 237 mi, 39x BC - 223 mi, 26x Cincy - 628 mi, 17x
Maryland (ACC)
Virginia - 128 mi, 76x UNC - 282 mi, 69x NCST - 294 mi, 67x
Penn State (B1G)
Cuse - 229 mi, 70x BC - 438 mi, 23x Virginia - 284 mi, 11x
Pittsburgh (ACC)
Va Tech - 321 mi, 11x L'ville - 388 mi, 15x Cincy - 289 mi, 11x
West Virginia (XII)
Va Tech - 250 mi, 51x Cincy - 304 mi, 20x L'ville - 398 mi, 13x
Ohio State (B1G)
Michigan - 191 mi, 108x Purdue - 239 mi, 54x Mich St - 251 mi, 39x
Kentucky (SEC)
Tenn - 170 mi, 104x Vandy - 174 mi, 101x Indiana - 169 mi, 35x

Here's the Eastern Conference JoePa always wanted. Penn St comes home & everyone else follows suit. Except for UConn in New England these 8 schools are very close together. Ohio St does leave the B1G but keeps Michigan, Mich St & Purdue on schedule. I don't know how much Columbus, OH cares about going past Illinois to play Midwestern teams. This is a lot closer playing all its' 5 border states PA, WV, KY, MI & IN. Kentucky plays 3 OOC schools 2.5 hours away +L'ville. Old BEast members Cuse, BC, L'ville & Cincy factor heavily into other teams OOC schedules. + NC & VA ACC teams.


Michigan Ohio St - 191 mi, 108x NWern - 242 mi, 70x ND - 169 mi, 36x
Michigan State ND - 141 mi, 61x NWern - 219 mi, 49x Ohio St - 251 mi, 39x
Indiana Kentucky - 169 mi, 35x Mizzou - 439 mi, 10x Kansas - 506 mi, 2x
Purdue Ohio St - 239 mi, 54x Kansas St - 606 mi, 3x West Va - 443 mi, 2x
Illinois NWern - 138 mi, 105x Mizzou - 270 mi, 24x Kansas - 432 mi, 5x
Wisconsin Iowa St - 274 mi, 7x Nebraska - 483 mi, 6x Kansas St - 601 mi, 2x
Minnesota Nebraska - 412 mi, 52x Iowa St - 216 mi, 26x Kansas - 476 mi, 7x
Iowa Iowa St - 128 mi, 54x Nebraska - 305 mi, 31x Mizzou - 316 mi, 4x

Like the SEC, the B1G sheds some teams away from its footprint & doesn't bring anyone new in. Ohio St & Northwestern each have 3 games w/ their original conferences. This emphasizes a B1G vs Big VIII Midwest rivalry. Except for Michigan (only B1G schools in EST) everyone else goes Midwest w/ their OOC schedules vs Mizzou, Kansas, K-St, Iowa St & Nebraska. They're all in central time zone & haven't played as much as you'd think. Indiana gets a piece of some strong basketball teams: Kentucky, Mizzou & Kansas.


Oklahoma Texas - 372 mi, 96x A&M - 357 mi, 29x Tx Tech - 343 mi, 19x
Oklahoma State Tx Tech - 413 mi, 39x A&M - 425 mi, 26x Texas - 440 mi, 26x
Arkansas (SEC)
A&M - 472 mi, 67x LSU - 563 mi, 56x Bama - 544 mi, 22x
Missouri (SEC)
Illinois - 270 mi, 24x Indiana - 439 mi, 10x Iowa - 316 mi, 4x
Kansas Minn - 476 mi, 7x Illinois - 432 mi, 5x Indiana - 506 mi, 2x
Kansas State
Tx Tech - 594 mi, 12x Purdue - 606 mi, 3x Wisc - 601 mi, 2x
Nebraska (B1G) Minn - 412 mi, 52x Iowa - 305 mi, 31x Wisc - 483 mi, 6x
Iowa State Iowa - 128 mi, 54x Minn - 216 mi, 26x Wisc - 274 mi, 7x

Big VIII is back & with 1 change - Arkansas instead of Colorado. Mizzou, Kansas, K-St, Nebraska & Iowa St have their OOC filled w/ B1G Illinoi, Indiana, Wisc, Minn & Iowa. The Oklahoma schools player their old Big XII South division rivals - the 3 public Texas schools. Arkansas plays it's biggest rival Texas A&M & keeps the big 2 SEC teams on its' schedule - Bama/LSU.


Boston College (ACC)
Rutgers - 223 mi, 26x Penn St - 438 mi, 23x UConn - 84 mi, 4x
Syracuse (ACC) Penn St - 229 mi, 70x Rutgers - 237 mi, 39x UConn - 270 mi, 8x
Notre Dame (Ind)
Stanford/USC Michigan/Mich St Navy - 663 mi, 85x
Northwestern (B1G)
Illinois - 138 mi, 105x Michigan - 242 mi, 70x Mich St - 219 mi, 49x
Vanderbilt (SEC)
Kentucky - 174 mi, 101x Tenn - 180 mi, 101x Bama - 238 mi, 83x
Wake Forest (ACC)
NCST - 107 mi, 104x UNC - 77 mi, 99x Va Tech - 103 mi, 36x
Duke (ACC)
UNC - 11 mi, 91x NCST - 25 mi, 81x Virginia - 167 mi, 60x
Miami (ACC)
Florida - 336 mi, 54x FSU - 468 mi, 54x Ga Tech - 663 mi, 17x

The 8 strongest private schools are here in a new conference. 5 from the ACC + the token private schools from SEC & B1G + ND. NWern keeps in state Illinois & the Michigan schools & Vandy keeps it's closest SEC rivals - Tenn, Kentucky & Bama. Cuse & BC have a northeastern focus w/ Rutgers, UConn & Penn St. Wake & Duke get to play UNC & NCST. Miami can play Florida again & the other big city in the south Ga Tech in Atlanta (Braves-Marlins, Hawks-Heat anyone?).

ND keeps a national footprint against elite academic, like-minded schools. Stanford & USC in Cali, regional games vs Mich, Mich-St &Northwestern in Chicago. Head south to Nashville. Annual game in NC. Northeast vs Cuse (in NYC?) & vs other Catholics, BC in Boston. Catholics vs Convicts in Miami. Keeps annual game vs Navy. Only traditional rival they lose is in-state Purdue.


Texas (XII)
Oklahoma - 372 mi, 96x Ok St - 440 mi, 26x LSU - 431 mi, 15x
Texas A&M (SEC)
Arkansas - 472 mi, 67x Oklahoma - 357 mi, 29x Ok St - 425 mi, 26x
Texas Tech (XII)
Ok St - 413 mi, 39x Oklahoma - 343 mi, 19x Kansas St - 594 mi, 12x
Colorado (PAC)
Oregon - 1262 mi, 16x UCLA - 1038 mi, 7x Cal - 1245 mi, 6x
Utah (PAC)
Oregon - 773 mi, 26x UCLA - 692 mi, 10x Cal - 729 mi, 8x
Brigham Young (Ind)
Ore St - 824 mi, 10x USC - 648 mi, 2x Stanford - 778 mi, 2x
Arizona (PAC)
Oregon - 1268 mi, 37x UCLA - 486 mi, 35x Cal - 859 mi, 30x
Arizona State (PAC)
Ore St - 1220 mi, 38x USC - 382 mi, 28x Stanford - 738 mi, 27x

The Southwest Conference is also back from the dead (RIP 1996). Texas gets to play the other 2 big state schools, both Oklahoma schools & goes west w/ Colorado, Utah & Arizona. BYU finally lands in a good conference. SWC & PAC have a lot of matchups here. I sent all the western schools to LA, Bay Area & PacNW. These opponents could rotate since there's a lot to choose from.


California Arizona - 859 mi, 30x Utah - 729 mi, 8x Colorado - 1245 mi, 6x
Stanford Ariz St - 738 mi, 27x ND - 2244 mi, 26x BYU - 778 mi, 2x
UCLA Arizona - 486 mi, 35x Utah - 692 mi, 10x Colorado - 1038 mi, 7x
USC ND - 2095 mi, 83x Ariz St - 382 mi, 28x BYU - 648 mi, 2x
Oregon Arizona - 1268 mi, 37x Utah - 773 mi, 26x Colorado - 1262 mi, 16x
Oregon State Ariz St - 1220 mi, 38x BYU - 824 mi, 10x Boise St - 440 mi, 7x
Washington Air Force - 1393 mi, 8x Hawaii - 4x Boise St - 504 mi, 1x
Washington State UNLV - 950 mi, 5x Hawaii - 5x Boise St - 299 mi, 4x

This is the original PAC 8. OOC is almost entirely vs Arizona, Ariz St, Utah, BYU & Colorado. Private Standford & USC play private ND & BYU. Boise St gets a stronger schedule w/ 3 PAC teams. There wasn't much left for Washington schools so they get an every other year trip to Hawaii & could play AF or UNLV. Wash St is pretty terrible, makes it easier for them in the middle of nowhere.

& the rest of the conferences...


South Florida (BEast) UConn - 1281 mi, 9x ECU Tulane
Central Florida (BEast) UAB ECU Tulane
Cincinnati (BEast) West Va - 304 mi, 20x Rutgers - 628 mi, 17x Pitt - 289 mi, 11x
Louisville (BEast) Kentucky - 76 mi, 18x Pitt - 388 mi, 15x West Va - 398 mi, 13x
Memphis (BEast) Ole Miss - 79 mi, 59x Miss St - 174 mi, 44x UAB
Houston (BEast) Rice - 38x SMU - 27x UTEP - 7x
Baylor (XII)
LSU - 428 mi, 11x Miss St - 569 mi, 4x Ole Miss - 564 mi, 1x
Texas Christian (XII)
Ole Miss - 547 mi, 6x Miss St - 555 mi, 1x SMU - 90x

7/8 of these teams have been added to the BEast since 2005. Most of them came from the Metro (CUSA) before that. If a team not from the above 8 conferences is going to have a big season it'll either be Boise St or a team from the Metro. Most of these are commuter colleges in big cities not known for their academics. Except for Baylor & TCU which didn't fit in the SWC or Private conferences. Memphis, Baylor & TCU take on Ole Miss & Miss St annually. Cincy & L'ville play current BEast teams OOC.


East Carolina USF UCF Charlotte
UAB Memphis UCF Ga St
Southern Miss N Texas Texas St UTSA
Louisiana Tech N Texas Texas St UTSA
Rice Houston - 38x FAU FIU
SMU (BEast) TCU - 90x Houston - 27x UTEP - 15x
Tulsa N Texas Texas St NMST

These teams weren't good enough to get a BEast invite, except for SMU. They're a big loser here, along w/ Temple. They do get to play 4 games in Texas annually plus an occasional game against Texas/A&M/Tech. All of these teams are in the Central time zone except for ECU, which is a long way from Birmingham.


SMU - 17x Air Force - 15x Houston - 7x
New Mexico NMST - 77x Air Force - 29x Utah St - 19x
Colorado State Utah St - 68x Air Force - 50x Fresno St - 11x
Wyoming Utah St - 62x Air Force - 50x Fresno St - 27x
Boise State (BEast)
Ore St - 440 mi, 7x Wash St - 299 mi, 4x Wash - 504 mi, 1x
UNLV Nevada - 20x Air Force - 17x Wash St - 5x
San Diego State (BEast) Air Force - 30x Fresno St - 20x SJST - 16x
Hawaii Air Force - 18x Wash St - 5x Wash - 4x

MWC rejoices w/ Boise St & SDST staying put. UTEP comes back finally & gets to play in Houston or Dallas annually. Air Force goes Ind. but plays everyone OOC except for Boise St. Boise's OOC schedule is a lot stronger w/ Ore St, Wash & Wash St. Rest of the schools play a lot of WAC.


North Texas (CUSA)
LA Tech SoMiss Tulsa
Texas State (SUN)
LA Tech SoMiss Tulsa
UTSA (CUSA) LA Tech SoMiss Tulsa
New Mexico State
NM - 77x Idaho
Utah State (MWC)
Colorado St - 68x Wyoming - 62x Idaho
Nevada (MWC) UNLV - 20x Idaho
San Jose State (MWC) SDST - 16x Idaho
Fresno State (MWC) SDST - 20x Idaho

This may be the only way the WAC stays alive & Idaho still doesn't get an invite! The only team here that hasn't been in the WAC is North Texas. SDST/SJST/Fresno St get to play each other for a JV State Championship.


Florida Int'l (CUSA)
Rice Temple Tulane
Florida Atlantic Rice Temple Charlotte
South Alabama Charlotte

Troy Charlotte

Georgia State UAB Charlotte
Middle Tennessee Marshall LAMO LALA
Western Kentucky Marshall LAMO LALA
Arkansas State Rice LAMO LALA

Sun Belt without the Louisiana schools. USA & Ga St jump up from FCS.


Buffalo (MAC) Army UMass EMU
Akron (MAC) Miami Toledo BG
Kent State (MAC) Miami Toledo BG
Ohio (MAC)
Miami Toledo BG
Marshall (CUSA)
W Kentucky MTSU Charlotte
Temple (BEast)
Old Dominion CMU/WMU
Delaware (FCS) Old Dominion CMU WMU
James Madison (FCS)
Old Dominion CMU WMU

ECU might be happier in this divisions. Temple's a big loser in this since they'll be in the BE in 2012.


Miami Akron Kent St Ohio
Toledo Akron Kent St Ohio
Bowling Green Akron Kent St Ohio
Eastern Michigan Army Buffalo UMass
Central Michigan JMU Delaware Temple
Western Michigan JMU Delaware Temple
Ball State Army UMass

Northern Illinois Army UMass

The MAC minus the 3 eastern Ohio schools & Buffalo. All the Ohio schools play all the Ohio schools in the Buckeye JV State Championship.


Air Force (MWC)
7 MWC Navy/Army Wash
Navy (BEast)
ND/Army/Air Force
SDST/Hawaii Maryland
Navy/Air Force
Buffalo Ball St/N Illinois
Massachusetts (MAC)
EMU Ball St N Illinois
Old Dominion (CUSA) JMU Delaware Temple
Charlotte (CUSA) ECU Marshall GA St
LA-Lafayette (SUN) Ark St MTSU W Kentucky
LA-Monroe (SUN)
Ark St MTSU W Kentucky
Idaho (WAC)
NMST/Utah St Boise St/Nevada SJST/Fresno St

Leftover teams. UMass, OD & Charlotte are jumping up from FCS. Idaho is considering dropping down. LAMO & LALA are the 4th & 5th schools IN LA. Business as usual for Army.


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