Letter to the PAC-12

Dear PAC-12,

I have been a fan of the PAC-8, PAC-10 and PAC-12 all of my life and am very inconvenienced to not have access to live coverage of my team's first game of the season. Thank you for suggesting that I switch my television service from DirecTV to a cable provider in order to ensure that this does not happen again.

However, Cable TV providers in general are money grubbing whores and generally provide unreliable service. I have been a subscriber of DirecTV for over a decade specifically for their sports programming and customer service. Both are attributes that DirecTV is superior at and because of that, I will not go back to cable just to watch a program once a week for 10 weeks. The leadership in charge of creating and then distributing your new network are apparently out of their league. The logistics of this network should have been set and in place long before your August debut date. Waiting until the beginning of football season for these negotiations to intensify shows that you are just as interested in your fans as the service providers you are battling.

You have chosen to air USC-CAL exclusively on the PAC-12 Network partly to hold providers hostage in these negotiations. I find it frustrating that the University of California at Berkley, a PUBLIC institution, would spend a lot of money to retrofit an aging football stadium only to have the conference that supposedly benefits from such investment not cut the state tax payers a break and ensure that all fans in Los Angeles or the San Francisco Bay Area can watch. It is rediculous and testifies to the underlying greed that society in general is forced to deal with around every corner.

The Big Ten was able to launch their network on DirecTV without having the controversy you have had. Since they are one of the examples you have referred to in justifying the creation of your network, maybe you should have consulted them on how to do it correctly. My allotmant of time for televised sports is full, to think that I am going to pay a premium to watch the Olympic sports on a regular basis is ignorant. By holding your fan base hostage you are working against the very plan you are trying to execute.

With Love,



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