Here is A Bit of OBNUG Invasion on Pac Takes

What is OBNUG? One Bronco Nation Under God. Where are we? Boise, Idaho, which is closer to theses PAC schools than Tucson is to those same Pacific 12 Schools.

From Boise

Tucson to Seattle 1,677 miles 517

Tucson to Pullman, 1,346 304

Tucson to Corvallis 1,422 547

Tucson to Eugene 1,434 456

Tucson To Colorado 921 834

Tucson to SLC UT 783 354

Tucson to Berkeley 868 643

Tucson to Stanford 889 667

As seen, here is the marked difference of geographic positioning for Boise raiding the Pac-12 turf. Not only is it a Phoenix rising in the tech world, it has newly established programs in forensic DNA studies, Business and technological engineering. Here comes the football beat. Broncos do not need the Pac 12, the PAC 12 needs Boise. Its an emerging university and mid-western Bigs are interested in grabbing it in two years as a member, and then Boise will become a thorn in the Pac 12 side, as it will continue to schedule NC games off the PAC and win. Broncos will dog the Husky and Coach Chris Petersen. Just because. Now watch what happens this year in Basketball with the Broncos.

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