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#7 Rich Rodriguez vs. #10 Kyle Whittingham: Vote for better Pac-12 football coach!

For more on Rich Rod and Arizona football, head to Arizona Desert Swarm. For more on Whittingham and Utah football, check out Block U.

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For a better explanation of the Best Pac-12 Football Coach death match, go here.

(Bracket available here).

#7 Rich Rodriguez, Arizona Wildcats head coach: Rodriguez has come in and slowly begun his rebuild of Arizona football. He has scored a big win here and there (upsetting USC and Washington two seasons ago, then dismantling Oregon last year), but has yet to find the consistency needed to compete for Pac-12 titles. You have to feel that time is coming though.

#10 Kyle Whittingham, Utah Utes head coach: Whittingham has had some glory years with the Utes, but it seems the best days could be in the rearview mirror if the trend continues downward. Utah has been constantly falling behind only to lose even further. However, at his best, Whittingham has had some incredible success, including an undefeated season and a Sugar Bowl victory (something he shares with Rich Rod, who won one at West Virginia).

Prediction: This will be a closely contested matchup. Both Rich-Rod and Whittingham have had their share of successes. Rodriguez probably has the tiny edge because he's been more successful recently than Whittingham is. It's anyone's guess who moves onto the next round.

Vote below! Poll closes at the end of April 9th.