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#6 Steve Sarkisian vs. #11 Mike MacIntyre: Vote for the better Pac-12 football coach!

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Otto Greule Jr

For a better explanation of the Best Pac-12 Football Coach death match, go here.

#6 Steve Sarkisian, USC Trojans head coach:
Sarkisian did a decent amount of winning at Washington, but was most impressive in turning around a winless team in 2007 and sending them to several straight bowl games. Although he had trouble topping seven wins for awhile, Sarkisian managed to do enough to catch the eye of USC. Can he make the Trojans a title contender again?

#11 Mike MacIntyre, Colorado Buffaloes head coach:
It’s hard to tell how good MacIntyre is after he ensured the Buffs notched a few non-conference victories. There’s a lot more he has to do before he’s proven enough to be a big-time Pac-12 coach. But on the bright side, the Buffs did look a lot more competitive in stretches with the rest of the conference than they've been in year's past.

Prediction: Sarkisian should win this one pretty decisively unless there's a larger contingent of San Jose State fans out there than I previously anticipated. That's the only way an upset might happen here.

Vote in the poll below! Voting closes at the end of April 8th.