What will happen to the Rose Bowl?

St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke is building a new stadium in Inglewood, California with the hope of bringing the Rams back to Los Angeles. The Chargers and Raiders have announced joint plans to also build a stadium in LA. So with a brand spanking shiny new stadium what will happen to the Rose Bowl Game?

The Cotton Bowl Classic Game abandoned the actual Cotton Bowl Stadium in 2007 and moved into brand new AT&T Stadium. In 2000 the Orange Bowl Game left the actual Miami Orange Bowl Stadium for the shiny newer Sun Life Stadium. Would the Rose Bowl Game ever leave the Rose Bowl Stadium for a spanking new NFL stadium? Should they?

I personally don't think they would nor do I think they should. The Rose Bowl Game is a classic. The Rose Bowl Stadium is a classic and was just renovated. Also the Rose Bowl has already been guaranteed a spot in the College Football Playoff and has more seats than an NFL would have. What benefit would there in moving?

Then again in this day age money rules the NCAA. I wouldn't be surprised if they did move the game.

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