PAC-16... when or if?

Conference expansion talk never goes away. Sixteen seems to be the ultimate goal--particularly for the Power Five (more especially the Big Four--PAC-12, Big Ten, SEC, ACC). From Pac-12 to Pac-16 has the very real potential to become the undisputed and insuperable SUPER-PAC of premier, top-tier American intercollegiate athletics.

Possible scenario: Add Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas and Texas Tech (as was previously attempted--and some believe may yet happen). The super-conference upgrades to become a league (PAL/Pacific Athletic League?) of twin eight-team conferences with two divisions each.

PACIFIC CONFERENCE (three states)*

North Division - Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State

South Division - California, Stanford, UCLA, USC

*(The original PCC/PAC-8 schools stay together)


West Division - Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Utah

East Division - Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas Tech

Nine-game balanced schedule: Each team plays all three divisional opponents, plus two of four in the other three divisions two out of every four seasons which allows for two-year home-and-home series with all twelve non-divisional opponents. Each team plays five games in-conference and four games in the opposing conference.

Three championship games: Pacific Conference title game - North Division Champions vs. South Division Champions; Inland Conference title game - West Division Champions vs. East Division Champions. League Championship - Pacific Conference Champions vs. Inland Conference Champions. There would be a fifty-fifty chance for rematches in all three title games. All broadcast revenues, which would likely be generously sizeable, would remain in-league.

Triple Crown Championship: Division + Conference + League titles for the ultimate champions.

The near perfect geographically dynamic alignment--the envy of the college gridiron nation--would be difficult to match, if not impossible, by any other existing major conference. The super-charged SUPER-PAC would go ballistic in terms of intra-league competition, proving beyond comprehension that the scintillating whole is enormously and collectively more powerful and prosperous than the simple sum of its many truly great parts.

The current status quo will never reach the dazzling heights of the promise-laden SUPER-PAC.


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