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Pacific Takes Top 25 9/3: Washington, Utah, and Oregon still in a pack

Our first in-season Top 25 of the season has the Pac-12 all bunched up in the middle.

NCAA Football: Eastern Washington at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Clemson 1-0
  2. Alabama 1-0
  3. Georgia 1-0
  4. Ohio State 1-0
  5. Oklahoma 1-0
  6. Texas 1-0
  7. LSU 1-0
  8. Florida 1-0
  9. Notre Dame 1-0
  10. UCF 1-0
  11. Auburn 1-0
  12. Michigan 1-0
  13. Washington 1-0 - Washington cruised past Eastern Washington, which isn’t huge, but what is huge is how they did. The Husky offense that’s been a headache for about 2.5 seasons looked smooth under Jacob Eason.
  14. Utah 1-0 - The Utes were different than the Huskies in that they had an impressive win, but pretty much looked the same as they always have. The Utes took down their bitter rival with explosive defense and some running on offense. They still look like the team to beat in the South.
  15. Oregon 0-1 - I’m not stinging the Ducks for losing tough to Auburn, only sliding Auburn ahead of them. They’ll be very tied to how well Auburn does throughout the season on a national level though and may already be out of the CFP race.
  16. Wisconsin 1-0
  17. Washington State 1-0 - The Cougars looked like business as usual as they filled up the scoreboard through the air against New Mexico State. They should do more of the same against Northern Colorado before they have to prove themselves at Houston.
  18. Stanford 1-0 - I loved how Stanford’s defense looked against a good Northwestern team. The Cardinal could get back to their old ways if their defense is truly back to being strong. The big question is how long KJ Costello will be out.
  19. Texas A&M 1-0
  20. Iowa 1-0
  21. Miami 0-1
  22. Michigan State 1-0
  23. Penn State 1-0
  24. Boise State 1-0
  25. Memphis 1-0

On the edge

Mississippi State, Syracuse, Nebraska, Cincinnati, Oklahoma State