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Pacific Takes Pac-12 Power Rankings 9/29: Utah takes over the South

Each week, we ask Pac-12 fans to vote in our power rankings.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports


1. Stanford 3-1 2-0 (#2 last week) - Things have really flipped for Stanford and Oregon since the season started and the Cardinal are now the clear cut leader in the North. The rebirth of their offense makes them a completely different team.

2. Cal 4-0 1-0 (#3 last week) - The Bears have had back-to-back road wins at good programs and now astoundingly look like the clear cut second favorite in the North. This program has come a long ways from the darkness of 2013.

3. Oregon 2-2 0-1 (#1 last week) - Wow. Things are as dark in Eugene as they have been in almost a decade. The Ducks still have an excellent shot at winning the North if they can turn things around in the next few weeks as they play the Pac-12's worst teams.

4. Washington 2-2 0-1 (#4 last week) - The Huskies somehow took Cal down to the wire while turning the ball over five times and gaining barely 250 yards. There is a pronounced gap between the top three and them right.

5. Oregon State 2-2 0-1 (#5 last week) - The Beavers didn't perform horribly against Stanford, but they still haven't created the slightest amount of excitement this season and need to perform well against the other Northwest schools.

6. Washington State 2-1 (#6 last week) - The Pac-12 season looks daunting for the Cougars to me and I have a hard time seeing them getting out of this spot in 2015.


1. Utah 4-0 1-0 (#3 last week) - The Utes lit the world on fire in Eugene and edged UCLA out of the top spot. I am really excited to see how they match up with the LA schools this year.

2. UCLA 4-0 1-0 (#1 last week) - The Utes gain is the Bruins lost, but all in all the Bruins only made a slightly less impressive statement by stomping Arizona on the road. They are right in the Playoff hunt.

3. USC 3-1 1-1 (#4 last week) - USC proved themselves by bombing Arizona State on the road, but they still are probably playing catch up with UCLA and Utah right now.

4. Arizona 3-1 0-1 (#2 last week) - Saturday was a major downer for Arizona. They don't look like they are capable of winning the South again.

5. Arizona State 2-2 0-1 (#5 last week) - Arizona State is in desperate need of a spark. They could be quickly buried if they can't at least compete at UCLA this week.

6. Colorado 3-1 (#6 last week) - The Buffs recovered fairly well from their opening embarrassment at Hawaii, but the Pac-12 season still looks scary for them.