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ASU Sun Devils football schedule: Ranking opponents from easiest to hardest

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The Arizona State Sun Devils have stacked things up this season. They start the season off impossibly tough, then have to try and navigate their way through the rest of the year. Let's take a look at the opponents they have to face this season.

12. Cal Poly Mustangs (September 12): This is a walkover. Arizona State will enjoy playing this hangover game after having to go toe-to-toe in Houston.

11. New Mexico Lobos (September 18)
: This won't be much of a problem either. ASU dismantles bad teams at home.

10. Colorado Buffaloes (October 10):
If Colorado improves, this could be competitive, but it's hard to imagine Arizona State blowing this type of game at home.

9. Washington Huskies (November 14):
Washington got blowtorched the last time they went to Tempe, and it's hard to see them haaing the offense to win here.

8. at Washington St. Cougars (November 7): This figures to be a high scoring matchup between two of the best offensive teams out there. But Arizona State is clearly better.

7. at California Golden Bears (November 28):
Finishing their season at Cal will be a tough battle between two offensive-minded teams. Cal could be gearing for bowl eligibility around this time.

6. at Utah Utes (October 17):
This game is likely to go down to the wire. Both teams just give each other fits, and Arizona State has had to go to the wire to beat Utah the last two seasons.

5. USC Trojans (September 26): That was a miraculous finish last season. USC has struggled with Arizona State each of the last two seasons, and it shouldn't be any easier in Tempe.

4. Arizona Wildcats (November 21):
Hard to believe a revenge game against the defending Pac-12 South champs is fourth on this list. But you'll see why when you look at the heavy hitters in front.

3. at UCLA Bruins (October 3): UCLA pound and ground Arizona State into dust last season, but the Sun Devils and Bruins generally match up pretty well with each other in terms of overall line talent. It should be a close one.

2. Texas A&M Aggies (September 5): Texas A&M is just a difficult opponent to start off the season in what amounts to a road game in Houston. Losing a lot of their talent will make it tough for them to beat an SEC foe the first week of the year.

1. Oregon Ducks (Thursday, October 29): What a murderer's row. A Thursday night game against a Ducks team off a bye week is no joke, and just going to be a stiff task on Halloween week, even at home.