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Arizona Wildcats Football: Reveling In The Rich Rodriguez Offense

We talk with several Arizona Wildcats writers about how awesome it is to have Rich Rodriguez coaching their offense.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

What's the best way to describe the Arizona offense so far? How is it able to produce points without fail?

Kevin Zimmerman, Arizona Desert Swarm: The speed and spread and talent are all important, but I think people often overlook the mental pain that all that together causes against opponents. With the exception of the Oregon game, Arizona's made solid defenses like Stanford and Oregon State look average to bad. I think you've got to credit the talent that Mike Stoops left out there; Matt Scott should be in the discussion for one of the best quarterbacks in the league, the offensive line has gotten better despite injuries hitting them, and the obvious talents of Dan Buckner, Austin Hill and Ka'Deem Carey makes the Wildcats dangerous, especially in such a system.

Kyle Kensing, Arizona Desert Swarm:
The one word summary I'd provide to describe Arizona's offense is efficient. But to elaborate, I'll add: at Pac-12 Media Day, Jake Fischer said practicing against Rich Rodriguez's offense was like facing Oregon every day. UA isn't quite at that level, but does operate quickly in a similar fashion. Time of possession is a little over 29 minutes a game, but the point per game yield is over 39. That's a quick turnaround of plays into points.

The offensive line is critical to this production. It's a veteran group that got valuable playing time last season, and is parlaying this into success this year. The line has enabled Rodriguez's vision of pass and rush balance, something missing from Arizona's offense the previous two seasons. Nick Foles was the best quarterback in Arizona history, but after Sonny Dykes left the play calling was much too reliant on the pass. Rodriguez and staff have found a nice balance.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops & Pacific Takes:
Scoretastic. I’ve heard "Oregon-lite" thrown around a lot and I don’t like that because RichRod invented the spread. It’s his, he just hasn’t had a team to use it with. It’s like sabermetrics aren’t Billy Beane’s, he just gets to implement them.

Scott Coleman, SB Nation Arizona: I think the best word to describe the offense would be "fun". It's not quite at an Oregon pace out there, but it's getting awfully close.

Matt Scott has been absolutely terrific this season. And if Ka'Deem Carey played on the east coast somewhere, he'd likely be hearing Heisman whispers. Combine these two with a very solid group of receivers and an improving offensive line, and this offense is a joy to watch.