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USC Football Vs. Arizona: Can The Trojans Stop The Rich Rodriguez Offense?

The USC Trojans take on the Arizona Wildcats as they try to stop the Rich Rodriguez offense.

Jonathan Ferrey

What's the best way to slow down Arizona offensively?

Kevin Zimmerman, Arizona Desert Swarm: So far, I don't see much weakness other than the bad red zone numbers the Wildcats have put up. Even against Oregon, Arizona undid itself in the red zone rather than anything glaring that the Ducks did on their end. Speed obviously helps to make stops against Arizona's attack, but I was surprising how little of it good defensive teams like Stanford had against the Wildcats.

Kyle Kensing, Arizona Desert Swarm: Oregon and Toledo were successful slowing down the offense by living the old adage, bend but don't break. UA got yards against both and red zone opportunities, but both defense played sideline-to-sideline unbelievably well once the Wildcats were near the goal line. I was impressed with how well their front sevens contained the rush down there. And don't discount UA mustering enough to beat Toledo -- that's a damn good team, as its proven beating Cincinnati and winning every game since Week 1 (tangent over).

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops & Pacific Takes: Keep them off the field is the classic answer but let’s ask Oregon about it? The Ducks essentially out-speeded their offense and forced some critical turnovers. Ultimately, if you’re forcing Matt Scott to make quick decisions and move, it can behoove your defensive chances. He can burn you with his feet but hasn’t had to in awhile.

Scott Coleman, SB Nation Arizona: You have to pressure Scott. If he has all day in the pocket -- like he did against Oklahoma State, Stanford and Washington -- he's going to tear the defense apart for 50 points. Get pressure on him like Oregon did, and UA's offense can really start to slow down.