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Arizona Football: Rich Rodriguez, Matt Scott Perfectly Match One Another

Arizona Wildcats head coach Rich Rodriguez found the perfect quarterback to match his system in Matt Scott.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Is Matt Scott the perfect fit with Rich Rod? What makes their marriage work so well?

Kevin Zimmerman, Arizona Desert Swarm: I can't think of a better quarterback. We'd be getting picky to say Scott is still raw in his decision-making, but it's easy to understand that when you know how little he's played during his time at Arizona. Scott's legs of course make him a great fit for Rodriguez's system, but the run-pass ratio that is surprisingly pretty pass heavy (until the Washington game, at least) shows us that Rodriguez has a ton of confidence in Scott playing in the zone-read spread.

Kyle Kensing, Arizona Desert Swarm: It's unfortunate Scott only gets one season Rodriguez's system, because it's so well suited to his skills and vice versa. However, what's made it work so great is that Scott does get just the one season. He's a fifth year player, so he plays with savvy. Playing with the two best passers in program history (Foles and Willie Tuitama) isn't a bad way to learn the ropes. Having run a similar scheme in high school helped his transition, too.

Adam Butler, Pac Hoops & Pacific Takes: Matt Scott is the exact fit and he's just a good quarterback. Unfortunately, their marriage is too much like Romeo and Juliet; that's to say, they're doomed. We'll all be treated to this glorious year of their union before a whole new quarterback has to come in and learn everything anew. Scott was a talented fifth year senior with something to prove and found himself in the ideal situation to thrive (Spoiler Alert: re-read that sentence with Mark Lyons' name at the start).

Scott Coleman, SB Nation Arizona: I'd say so. Scott is a fifth-year senior and has grasped the offense very quickly. He was running the ball a bit more early in the year, although Carey's emergence has made that a bit unnecessary. Still though, Scott is great at making the read and will occasionally take off to burn the defense for 25 yards.