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Arizona Wildcats basketball have a formidable Final Four path: South region breakdown

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Can the Arizona Wildcats sneak into the Final Four as a six seed? The South Region is loaded, but the Wildcats were probably underseeded.

It's possible. It's a tough bracket. Literally from the first matchup on, the Wildcats are going to be facing very skilled basketball teams.

Round of 64, Wichita State or Vanderbilt: Vanderbilt has blundered around all season, but they have a lot of talent. And Wichita State is dangerous with one of the best defenses in all of college basketball. The only good news for Arizona is they have to play each other first.

Round of 32, Miami (Fl.) or Buffalo: Miami vs. Arizona could be one of the best matchups in the tournament. Both teams are so similar in profile and the Wildcats could claim they deserve that 3 seed just as much as the Hurricanes.

Sweet 16, Villanova or Iowa or Temple: The Wildcats are very skilled offensively, but struggle beating elite Power 5 teams. Arizona would be comfortable with that matchup. Probably less so than Iowa.

Elite 8, Kansas or Cal or Maryland or UConn: Arizona probably doesn't have the right set of players to beat the Jayhawks. But any of those other matchups? Quite favorable. Arizona has proven they can beat Cal, and Maryland and Connecticut are about on the same level. If Colorado somehow sneaks their way through, the Buffs could be a problem.

Make no mistake. This is a minefield. But if the Wildcats can start racking up the wins and get to

Here's the South bracket.