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Oregon Football: Chip Kelly Gets Another Shot

Oregon Ducks head coach Chip Kelly gets another chance to prove his system can give Eugene a national championship.


Give us your assessment of Chip Kelly's job performance this season. Should he have been the Pac-12 Coach of the Year?

Nathan Roholt, FishDuck: Chip Kelly was a victim of his own success. There were clearly flaws with the team as early as the Fresno State game, but he and his staff got the team rolling against weaker opponents, and fans assumed that the Ducks would easily dispatch the entirety of its schedule.

Still, I think he deserved to win Coach of the Year more than David Shaw did. So did Mike Riley and Jim L. Mora. The Coach of the Year should: A) win more games than he did the year before, B) win a conference home game by more than seven points, or C) pick the correct QB for the offense before the ninth game of the season; all things Shaw failed to do. David Shaw's a good coach, but I can't believe the coach who called those four final plays against Notre Dame did the best coaching job in the conference this season.