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VIDEO: Weber State national champion mascot Waldo departs Oregon State game early


Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Waldo the mascot is nationally renowned and earned the title of the 2015 mascot national champion. He beat all competitors from Georgia Tech, Missouri, NC State, Wyoming, Iowa State and all the rest. He used character, creativity, crowd interaction, dance and prop use. Waldo is a national example to mascots everywhere, and is supposedly the

Yeah, about that.

Are national champion mascots given special privilege to leave football games early?

The game wasn't even over when Waldo left the stadium--Weber State was only down two scores to Oregon State in the fourth quarter. Waldo deserted his team in the hour of need.

I ask you college football nation, shouldn't an inquiry be made as to why Waldo deserves a national title if he can't stay on the field for all 60 minutes? What example is this to set for future aspiring mascots? Begin the investigation immediately. This is a disgrace and I won't let Benny the Beaver learn from this.