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Utah football: Jake Rudock the Michigan starting quarterback? Kyle Whittingham thinks it's "the Iowa guy"

Or is it a ruse?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh has been mum on the word publicly on which quarterback he'll start in the season opener against Utah. Both Shane Morris and Jake Rudock have been competing for the job in fall camp, and both are listed as co-starters on the depth chart. But Harbaugh knows his guy, and he won't divulge the secret until the Michigan Wolverines take the field in Salt Lake City. (He hasn't kept the whole secret to himself; Harbaugh has let the team know who the starting QB is.)

However, despite being the opponent, Utah coach Kyle Whittingham has been a little bit more fortright about who the starting quarterback probably will be. He's happy that Michigan is getting all the attention, and he's planning for Rudock. Or as he likes to call him, the "Iowa guy".

Rudock left Iowa this spring and had immediate eligibility as a graduate transfer with Michigan. He was an efficient Big Ten quarterback at Iowa, but hardly spectacular, and the Hawkeyes

Or is this all a trick? Is this gamemanship? Is this strategy to confuse Harbaugh? Is a coach standing up to Harbaugh's non-declarations and making his own tactical feint, while he prepares to start Devantate Booker at wide reciever and Tom Hackett in the Wildcat?