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Aaron Cochran Recruiting: Cal, Oklahoma, Washington Pursue

Aaron Cochran is being looked at by several other schools, including the California Golden Bears, Oklahoma Sooners and Washington Huskies.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

There are plenty of suitors out there for offensive tackle Aaron Cochran. A few have risen to the surface to be legitimate contenders. Those include the following schools.

Cal: Possibly the favorite, although things are up in the air right now. The Bears have the ultimate trump card of Aaron's brother Matt. However, the new Cal coaching needs to convince Cochran that the Bears are the right place for him.

Oklahoma: Bob Stoops is definitely going hard after Aaron, and has made several overtures to the linemen (both on in-home and officials). Oklahoma has recruited the Central Valley exceptionally well. Expect the Sooners to put on a full court press to try and get him.

Washington: The Huskies definitely need offensive linemen and shoulder things up front, and Cochran would fill a definite position of need. There is a lot of overhaul on the coaching staff at the moment though, so they might face an uphill climb here.

There are numerous other schools involved, but expect these three to be on the final list.