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National Signing Day Announcement Times, Pac-12 Edition: USC & UCLA Football Wait

The UCLA Bruins could have plenty of good news on National Signing Day. The USC Trojans, not so much. Here is the first look at the announcement schedule.

Eddie Vanderdoes
Eddie Vanderdoes
Bud Elliott, SB Nation Recruiting

All times are Pacific

Tuesday night

DE Kylie Fitts will announce at 7 pm tonight: USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, Utah, Washington are his final five.

Fitts actually provides a nice bit of detail as to how his ceremony will go down via his Instagram account.

Fitts is likely to stay in Los Angeles. Will he forgive his dream school USC for the shameless way they treated him, or will he punish the Trojans for their callousness? Feels like Bruins.

National Signing Day (all times Pacific)

WR Jordan Cunningham will announce at 7:15 a.m. on ESPNU. Stanford, Miami, Vanderbilt and Florida State are in Cunningham's final four.

Stanford has a good shot at Cunningham, but Vanderbilt might be the private school to beat simply based on proximity.

DE Torrodney Prevot will get going at around 8:20 a.m. Prevot is down to Texas A&M and USC and is very likely to flip to the Aggies.

LB Quinton Powell goes a bit later at 9 a.m. The Trojans are in a good spot to land him, with Miami the other serious contenders.

QB Asiianti Woulard will announce at 9:30 a.m. on ESPNU. UCLA, Kentucky, NC State, and South Florida are his final four.

Woulard is considered a UCLA lean and is very likely to sign with the Bruins.

DE Jason Hatcher is back on the board apparently, and Kentucky and Louisville will try and battle USC to get him. Could Kentucky actually flip the Trojan verbal? The announcement comes at noon.

DB L.J. Moore gets the announcement at 3 p.m. Oregon State, Cal, Arizona State, Oklahoma are considered the top schools in contention. This is the biggest mystery of National Signing Day. No one really knows where Moore will end up.

DT Eddie Vanderdoes gets the last premier time slot of the day at 5 p.m: USC, UCLA, Washington, Notre Dame, Alabama are all that remain. There are plenty of indications that it could come down to the Bruins and the Irish, with the Trojans a distant third and everyone else fighting for scraps at the table.

No times announced

LB Isaac Savaiinaea will announce between Texas A&M and UCLA.

OL Cameron Hunt will decide between Cal and Oregon. Rumors indicate that he's flipping to the Ducks.

LB Keishawn Bierria will announce between Washington and Oregon State.

Tyree and Tyrell Robinson are down to Oregon and Washington. How will this end up?